Sunday, November 28, 2010

Caught With My Pants Down.

"Well, it's officially winter," I said to my husband this afternoon.

What, you may be wondering, prompted this comment?

Was it because it's been weeks since the temperature crept above freezing?

Was it because there is 30 centimeters of snow on our lawn?

Was it because we spent the afternoon tobogganing with friends, then defrosting beside a bonfire, while sipping hot tea and freshly popped popcorn?

Was it because the heat vents are constantly covered with wet mitts and toques?

Was it because the sun set set today at 4 pm? 

No. It was none of these obvious signs.

Rather the realization came once our friends had gone home. The boys were curled up on the sofa watching tv. Husband was bustling about the kitchen making pizzas. I looked over at him, and noticed that he was wearing our "winter uniform," aka skinny pants, aka long johns.

When it's winter we go outside dressed in layers against the cold. When we come home, we pull off anything that's gotten snowy or damp. Jackets, mitts, toques, boots, socks & pants will be draped over the heating vents, hung up in the back hall or thrown over the clothes line in the laundry room.  The result is that we -- for now just my husband and I, since the boys prefer snowpants -- walk around in just our skinny pants.

The I looked down and realized I was also pants-free and it hadn't even registered.

I suppose this might sound strange to people who don't live in northern climes. Why don't you put on REAL pants? they are asking right now. But when I get home and pull off my jeans, my skinny pants are already warm and cozy. Pants I take out of the closet will be chilly. And if I leave on my skinny pants and add another layer on top, I will be too hot.

So it is that I walk around my house from November til March dressed like this:

Note: picture was purposely posed to minimize risk of 
camel-toe induced cardiac seizure.

• • • • • • • • • •

Tell me, fellow denizens of the north, do you wander about your house wearing only long johns? Is this a universal habit? Both my husband and I did this growing up, but maybe it's just a Prairie thing? Are we being practical or merely lazy?

And does anyone remember when long johns for girls were called long janes?