Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do You Fancy a Ride on My 'Broom'?

 Oh. My. Word.

This is one of the current contributions on the Post Secret blog:

One of these men is the father
of the most amazing little
girl in the world. He's never
met her, he never will. He
probably can't even remember my name

On the other side of the postcard is the message:

The world thinks you are perfect, but our daughter deserves better. 

How deliciously scandalous! My husband says this is most likely not true, and is just some sad teen girl seeking attention. Pshaw, I say, I won't let critical thinking distract me from my rumour mongering. 

Who do you think it could -- allegedly -- be? Only Daniel and Alan have high enough profiles to warrant  the "The world thinks you are perfect" comment.  I bet it's Alan, but that's just because I have a crush on Snape:

Regardless of who it is, that little girl deserves financial support, if nothing else. I don't see how the father remembering this woman's name matters.

This is EXACTLY why God created lawyers, DNA tests and the fear of bad publicity.

• • • • • • •

Update on November 24, 2010: In response to the rumours Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) posted htis on Twitter:

The actors who play the Weasley Twins have also commented that neither of them are the baby-daddy in question.


  1. I think that Alan Rickman would tenderly acknowledge the love child he's going to have with me after our night of forbidden luv.

  2. HEHE.

    Yes, I think Alan would tenderly acknowledge your love child on a monthly basis by signing his name to a support cheque.

    FYI, Harry Potter actors: Accio condom -- it's NOT that difficult.

  3. I don't know if it says something about my age, but when I see one of these "men," it automatically rules out everyone but the Lucius guy and Alan. The rest of them are boys. Boys.

  4. Just went to the Post Secret blog...I've never seen it and may be hooked.

    You'd think she'd do more than send that in to post secret, like you said, to encourage a little support from her wealthy baby daddy.

  5. Yeah, I'm extremely skeptical. Kind of a sleazy thing to do to the others, if it is true, also.

  6. Given my former career (family law attorney) that whole "he isn't good enough for her so he can keep his stinky money" is horse patooey. Seriously. Anyone not willing to include the father, at least nominally, for "principled" reason knows that her child is not that of the celebrity.