Saturday, November 20, 2010

Temba. His arms wide.

The past week has been rather meh.

Nothing overtly bad happened. Nothing overtly good happened. We got our flu shots, we survived a tree toppling storm, I read a few hundred pages of Rick Riordan's "The Lost Hero" to the kids, I read a few hundred pages of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" to myself, and we watched a lot of Star Trek

By late Friday afternoon I was more than eager to call time on the whole damn week. The sun was setting, and the boys were squabbling, while I mentally debated the age old question "Should I cook a nutritionally-sound meal made with fresh ingredients and love for my wonderful husband and sons, or should I just bake 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies?" I was on my way to a minor temper tantrum or a large mug of vodka, when D.B. Grady tweeted me this picture:

And it made me smile. Thanks, @dbgrady.

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And since you are dying to know: I baked the cookies, and we ate frozen waffles for dinner. While watching Wrath of Khan. And around these parts, that's considered a wild, and crazy Friday night.


  1. And do you like the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? Curious. It's one I've debated reading...having come to no conclusion.

    Your wild, crazy Friday night sounds a little like ours. Though our usually consist of pizza and disney channel. But similar, very similar.

  2. Heh. "Made with fresh ingredients and love." Ah, screw it. Here's some frozen waffles.

    I made pancakes for dinner last night and the kids acted like they won the freaking lottery! Jake: "Can we have pancakes every night?"

  3. @OmahaMama -- "Dragon Tattoo" is surprisingly good. But it's a slow read for me. Don't know why.

    @Nicole -- didn't you get the memo that carbs = love?

  4. You are a blogging machine, Madam! I keep missing all this stuff. I can't wait until winter break. I hope you will write a bunch of stuff to post automatically while the Wrath of Mom family is enjoying their holiday season!

  5. I am secretly jealous that you've managed to keep track of Kirk's phaser for all these years. (Those figures are circa Star Trek: Generations.) For the record, I own an actual Bajoran earring, though I've never had my ears pierced. That's devotion.

    Keep blogging.


    PS. If you'll recall, the card the Kirk figure came with misidentified him as "Admiral Kirk," when you and I both know he retired as a captain. There is an argument to be made that, just as in present military practice, one retires at the highest rank reached, even if he or she was a lower rank at the time, but that's asking an awful lot of your typical toy buyer.

  6. @Mary-LUE -- it goes without saying that the blog is really the only orderly, well tended thing in my whole house.

    @D.B. Grady -- I doff my cap to you, kind sir. Your knowledge of Star Trek action figures trumps mine. By a long shot. Can I get partial points for my Dixon Hill action figure? I have his lamp, his telephone, but not his gun.