Friday, December 10, 2010

Wear Star Wars. Share Star Wars.

Today, like Star Wars lovin' geeks all over the world (or at least the part of the world with access to computers and the internet) the kids and I are wearing and sharing Star Wars in honour of Katie.

Clone Power!

Revenge of the Cute:

The ugliest Star Wars shirt known to humanity:

It says a lot about my commitment to being a role model for geek girls (and boys) that I'm posting a photo of my "Cow Wars" shirt.  It's so old and unflattering and just plain weird (JEDI COW!?) that I don't often wear it in public. I use it as a night shirt and my husband refers to it as "The Libido Killer."

Our family has also purchased an Asajj Ventress action figure to donate to our local toy drive. This is especially meaningful for us because our Christmases usually features many, many Star Wars toys, Star Wars movies, Star Wars video games, a few Star Wars Christmas ornaments and our Star Wars-themed Christmas Crèche:

Please note, the role of the baby Jesus (in his K'nex manager) is being played by Rotta The Huttlet: