Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hair Peace.

The boys gave Mr Wrath & I wonderful presents to start the new year: haircuts.

Now. I suppose as their mother I should offer some platitude that they always look wonderful. But in truth they looked slightly awful and unkempt while we were in Mexico.

On average once a day, we'd have an exchange with some local person working in the service industry unsure of what gender to assign to our boys. I never took offense to these always gentle and polite queries and would answer, "Yes. They are boys. Boys with girly hair." When the boys asked why they were being mistaken for girls, we answered truthfully: Mexican culture adheres to more traditional gender roles.

Twice we had waiters offer to give them trims using steak knives. Both times Mr Wrath and I clapped with glee while the boys objected. Too bad. I would have tipped generously if either man had been successful.

Surprisingly enough the most vocal fan of their hair (which became more unruly with each passing day as the humidity and the frequent visits to the pool took effect), was my eldest brother-in-law. Like all the men in my husband's family he is follically challenged. He lamented that his adult son and our teenaged nephew, kept their hair buzzed short. "I just don't know why they don't enjoy it while it lasts. When they're 25 they're going to regret not experimenting more."

I agree with him in theory, and have been muttering such sentiments for the past 10 months. Alas I've grown weary of chasing the boys around waving bottles of leave-in conditioner, and a hairbrush.

So this is how we marked the end of 2010:

7yo mid-shave as his hair is reduced a wonderful 2 cm buzz.

8yo after he let me trim 
5 centimeters (2 inches) of 
raggedy curls from the back of his head.


  1. My kids keep their hair really short. They don't want to look like hippies. I think they get this from their father. They like a haircut you can set your watch to.

    "I said SHAVE those sideburns, you hippie!"

  2. When TG was a baby I was so thrilled that he had a few curls that I let his hair grow and grow and grow. A month after finally cutting it I looked back at his photos and wondered what on earth I was thinking letting his hair grow so long and majorly messy. See, I'd be the type let 8yo keep growing his just because they were curls. I'm a sucker for curls.

  3. First of did you get 7 and 8-year olds?! And how have I been picturing you still homeschooling preschoolers!! Time. Passing. Cliches. You know.

    Secondly, glad you and your husband are relaxed about the hair thing. I think that's a good thing. My husband is very much of the old school "while your under my roof your hair won't pass your ears" thinking. I have a bad feeling about what will transpire when our boy is a tween. I predict shouting.

    Happy New Year (and hair...)!

  4. I am totally a sucker for a boy with curls! The last time I saw photos of the boys they had brush cuts, so this was a surprise!

    I am unChristmasing the house today...bah. I have run out of energy and the tree will have to wait until tomorrow. I can't wait to hear all about your trip.