Monday, January 31, 2011

On Saturday night I had big plans. It involved a mountain of laundry and my two boyfriends: Alan Rickman and Chris Pine.

I told my husband he could watch.

The movie that is.

I had "zipped" (my new favourite verb, meaning "borrowed from") Bottle Shock.

This is a good movie. The plot is tight. The dialogue is sharp. The characters were (mostly) complex. The acting was laudable. The scenery was amazing. However, it's set in 1976. Which means there were some unforgivably bad (but authentic) outfits and hair styles.

So instead of seeing Alan Rickman and Chris Pine looking like this:

I saw Alan Rickman and Chris Pine looking like this:

Rickman wore a shiny three-piece polyester suit in almost every scene! And the mustache? It's just so wrong.  Chris Pine's wig is the worst wig in all of wigdom!

Of course my husband -- who unlike hypoglycemic me could luckily indulge in some wine drinking while watching this movie -- got to feast his eyes on these two:

It made for a very, very unfair evening.

But it was a good film AND we did get the laundry folded so it wasn't a complete waste. Unlike that wig.


  1. I watched your boyfriend Alan Rickman in a different movie this weekend - Sense and Sensibility. Colonel Brandon anyone? I've been back on my Jane Austen kick, which always makes my wardrobe of jeans/tees/hoodies seem horribly inadequate. Sigh.

  2. Good lord, what is with that moustache. Ugh. I agree with Omaha Mama, Colonel Brandon, rrrrrr. RRRRrrrrrrr.

    I haven't seen that movie. On Saturday I watched Wall Street Money Never Sleeps and was extremely disturbed at how attractive I found - wait for it - Michael Douglas. What is WRONG with me?

  3. It is almost a crime to dress them so!

  4. At least you can say that your devotion truly does know no (sartorial) bounds.

  5. Okay Rickman fans, three words: Truly, Madly, Deeply. Written and directed by Anthony Minghella (his first film). Staring Mr. Rickman & Juliet Stevenson. It's really a vehicle for her, but he is sooooooo good in it. You can't rent it or buy it new anymore, but I just bought a used copy. I'm willing to mail it around if anyone is interested.

  6. Here's a little peek:

  7. That wig would have DONE ME IN.