Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Are You? And How Did You Get Here? AKA, Fun With Sitemeter.

Prior to last week, I averaged about 20 readers per day.

Since I wrote the Trekkie Mother post, my blog stats have jumped. Significantly. I'd like to thank everyone who commented, sent me encouraging words or linked to the blog. As of a few moments ago that post has been viewed 617 times. I find that number both mind-boggling and flattering. Mostly flattering, but that's because I'm pretty egotistical.

Until then the most popular elements of this blog were not my words, but two photos that I'd posted.

In November I used a photo Portia De Rossi from O Magazine. People arrive here by googling a phrase I used: Portia, eat some meat. I have developed two theories about why (at least every other day) people are doing an image search for this phrase:
a. others agree with me that this supposedly-recovered-anorexic, vegan-activist is disgustingly skinny and she needs to eat some protein, or
b. this is some lewd commentary about Portia's sex life.

I'm hoping it's a. I'm completely okay with mocking a woman for looking malnourished and unhealthy, but I'm NOT okay with calling into question someone's sexual orientation.

The second most popular search involves this photo:

(Photo manipulation credit: Gilly H of

Who are you people (mostly from eastern European nations) who daily enter some combination of  Chakotay, Robert Beltran, tux, AND sexy beast into a search engine and wind up at my Trek TV for Beginners post?

I attempted to answer this question myself earlier this week. The answer I came up with isn't all that revolutionary: fanfiction writers. Initially I scoffed at the notion, because it's been a while since the various Trek series were broadcast. But I was wrong. Fanfiction is very much alive on the interwebs.  Voyager fans in particular are still very active.

Here's the MOST surprising thing: a lot of it's good. Especially the smutty stuff. Oh, yea. It's really good.  Looking at the screen and blushing good, but also good in the sense that people (usually women) have crafted narratives that surpass the things you'll find in published works (and not just that dreck produced by Stephenie Meyers, but by writers who have talent).

So if you're coming to my blog and using the Robert Beltran is a sexy beast photo (which I don't own, but merely found on photobucket) for some non-slash fanfiction, let me know. I'd like to read it.

Is anyone looking for inspiration for some Neelix fan-fiction? Because I've got a doozy for you, my pervy, probably-Vegan friend:

(Photo credit to Gates Hepburn)

Oh. That's just so wrong.


  1. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. Neelix. Ew to Neelix, not Chakotay. Well, sort of ew to that.

  3. The Neelix picture is one of mine. And the Chakotay one was made by Gilly H.

  4. @Gates Hepburn -- Thanks for the headsup. I've credited you and Gilly H. in the text of this post. If you'd prefer I remove the photos, I'll happily comply. I am curious if the Neelix shot is an example of photo manipulation. I assumed it was un-altered -- it's quite seamless.