Sunday, February 20, 2011

Of Methanethiol And Evolution.

Opinions are like farts. If you try and hold them in, you will make yourself ill. The key is to let your opinions and your farts out in small doses and in venues where you are less likely to offend sensitive people. If this isn't possible, just let 'em rip and deal with the consequences.

Today, Imma gonna fart all over my blog.

A few weeks ago I left a comment at Fairly Odd Mother's blog about feeling like the last agnostic, pro-evolution, non-polygamist homeschooler left standing. I received several reassuring emails that I am not alone. There are many homeschooling parents out there who believe in evolution. Parents who read widely on the subjects of science, and theology and write beautiful posts on a wide range of topics. Parents who don't pucker up their sphincters when I say, "it doesn't diminish the power of Christianity or the legitimacy of the Bible, to think of Genesis as allegory."

Creationism (which neo-creationist are trying to rebrand as the equally dumb, but less offensive-sounding "Intelligent Design") is a complete load of bullshit. The world is not 6000 years old, it is 4.54 billion years old. As much as I enjoy The Flintstones, dinosaurs and humans did NOT live at the same time. Modern science is not incompatible with the notion of a supreme being, but rather supports the idea of theistic evolution. Evolutionary biology is not in opposition to the mainstream (read: non fundamentalist) teachings of Christianity, or Islam, or Judaism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism or Confucianism, or Taoism.


It feels so good to let that out. However if this post has made you queasy, please don't feel obliged to linger. I'll understand if you want to leave, and never return.


  1. Well, I'd disagree about the theistic evolution since I'm firmly in the atheist camp. But that's no reason to leave.

    Pass the apple muffins pls.

  2. @hornblower -- I'm not willing to discount that the supreme being that created the universe (aka god) is really a member of the Q continuum. I'm just keeping my options open.

  3. I remember watching a NT Wright video a year ago where he basically said, "you silly North Americans, stop being so literal. It doesn't change your faith or your God" I almost wept with relief. I wasn't alone. I was not weird. (well, I am weird, but not about creation).
    It was utterly freeing. Because as much as I'd like to toe the party line, I cannot wrap my head around dinosaurs as dragons.

  4. I'm in the camp of "seven days was not actually seven days because we humans were created to not actually understand all of what our God can do, but that it's more than we've figured out and the puzzle of it all is kind of the point". So I'm far less scientific than you (because you've got the BIG BRAINS), but we can laugh about it over a cup of tea in heaven when we finally get it. I know you'll make the tea, what with me being from the U.S. and all. :-)
    And that poster? Hilarious.

    If this was a fart, it was the kind that was loud but didn't actually smell bad.

  5. So you're saying The Flintstones ISN'T a reality show? I feel so betrayed...