Monday, February 14, 2011


Last week I also cleaned off the shelf above the microwave, home of the Pope Bell:

He serves three functions:
1. making non-Catholic friends and family, stop and wonder if they should draw attention to the unseemliness of my cultural and religious heritage.
2. making me think of my mom who bought this at a garage sale because she knows about -- and is amused by -- point #1.
3. saving me the indignity of yelling when I want the children to come to the dinner table.

As I moved him out of the way of the cleaning cloth, the Pope Bell tintinnabulated1 very quietly. The boys came racing up the stairs.

"Is it dinner time?'
No, I answered
"Can we have cake?"
"Can you make us pancakes?"
"Pancakes AND bacon?"
"Yes! Bacon!"

I can't decide if this indicates my children are well-trained or underfed. 

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1 -- using this word at suggestion of Mr Wrath.


  1. If only you had the matching tea towels!

    Oh that is some good kids think that every time we leave the house they are going to get fed. The disadvantage of living near way too many restaurants and a very tired Mom.

    I can ask them a million times if they want something and they will say they are fine, but the minute the van starts they are SO HUNGRY. So we always pack snacks even though the likelihood of us being stranded somewhere is pretty unlikely.

  2. Pavlov was no idiot, for sure.

    It's a lovely bell. Would you please send some of your cleaning/decluttering motivation down this way? I could use some of what you've got going on up there!

  3. Reminds me of the first time we stopped at a McDonald's drive-thru with two-year-old Angus and he said "doughhhhhhnut" very lovingly.

  4. It's so Pavlovian!

    I married a Catholic. His grandma had so much Pope memorabilia in her house, framed photos and wall plates, etc., but she never had that bell and now I am coveting it. Coveting - bad. I was brought up Lutheran and MY grandma was highly concerned about the propriety of me marrying into the Catholic church.

    It seems wrong somehow to sell a JP2 bell at a garage sale.

  5. I think I want one of those. Of course, my Baptist grandfather would probably roll over in his grave. Ha! I've always wanted a reason to use that phrase.

  6. Pavlov was Catholic. Maybe his mother had a bell, too, and that was the impetus for the entire experiment. It had a little picture of Pope Pius IX. His mother bought it at a garage sale, too!

  7. I now desperately want a pope bell. Basically for reason one. It would irritate the CRAP out of most of hubby's family. And I am staunchly Protestant. Just a crap disturber.