Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today was a very long day at the end of a very long week.

Homeschool lessons were suspended this week as I worked on a report for the boys' distributed learning school. It's a small price to pay for the financial and professional support the system supplies, but I find these three times a year deadlines to be immensely stressful. I have no issue with reporting the great strides they've made in the core areas of math, language arts, science and social studies. I falter when it comes to the areas of health and arts. These are the areas that fall to the side as we focus on the things that are interesting and important.

Yesterday I finished off the reporting documents and was free to focus upon today.

Our eldest child participates in a competitive sport, and his club hosted a meet. This necessitated A LOT of work by A LOT of people, one of whom was Mr. Wrath.  He had a long, complicated week at work. After spending hours at his job, he'd come home and spend hours and hours at an assortment of tasks that would have turned me into a blathering, raging, vodka-swelling loon.

My volunteer contribution was 24 muffins for the potluck lunch. I think they were quite delicious, however they did not prove as popular as the tray of Costco muffins. I'm a bit hurt by this. Well, I would be, if I hadn't just eaten two of my leftover muffins with melted butter.

I justify my minimal efforts on the fact that I homeschool. All my powers (both macro and micro) of organization are consumed with planning and teaching. There is nothing left to spare for this -- or any -- organized sport.

I can't help but wonder what excuse I would use if the boys were in a traditional school. I'm sure I could come up with something other than the true reason: I just really don't feel comfortable in the milieu of organized sports. Why are there so many rules and regulations? Is there some guideline that children's enjoyment of a sport is in direct proportion to the amount of stress it creates in the lives of adults? Why can't we all just agree to openly mock the overly-involved sporting parents the way we mock the stage mothers on Toddlers & Tiaras? Why did everyone eat those Costco muffins and not mine? I HAND GRATED those apples, you know!?

That's not to say today wasn't enjoyable. It was tiring, but it wasn't boring. I ate a muffin. Or 12.


  1. Your status reports are like report cards. Which most teachers hate. HATE. It's a lot of work, you have to be very creative in your language and quite honestly it seems a bit pointless. Much like what you just went through.
    As for health, let's face it, health is really well covered by good parenting.
    Don't eat too much crap, exercise, get some sleep and treat others with respect.
    Voila, Health is done.

  2. I do the soccer scheduling every year for our community league and it is the worst volunteer thing I have ever done. It is fraught with weirdo soccer politics, and fielding teams of different age groups, and how many home games does each team get and OMG it is a thankless job. DON'T VOLUNTEER FOR SPORTS.

  3. i'm super lame when it comes to kids sports. i am super hands off.

  4. I so would have chose a homemade muffin over a Costco one! Dumb people.

  5. "Why can't we all just agree to openly mock the overly-involved sporting parents the way we mock the stage mothers on Toddlers & Tiaras?"

    WAIT - we're not supposed to be doing that (yet)?

    Explains all the looks I get when I sneer at the soccer parents/screaming idiots every weekend morning when I walk the dogs past the "public berating at top of lungs of small children" aka "soccer game".

    My kids aren't in any organized sport. Hallelujah. One day I'll blog about my absolute joy re. this.

    p.s. I would have eaten your muffins.

  6. I'm not so good at the being a sports mom thing. I mock parents (in my mind anyways) who take it too seriously. I space out. I check back in to wave at my kiddos, who are probably also spaced out. Some day maybe I will take it more seriously, but I doubt it.

    I'd take one of those homemade apple muffins right now, I am hungry!