Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gaman & George Takei.

It's been 5 days since I woke up to the news of an earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I spent most of Friday watching the news, which was simultaneously informative & appalling. The latter adjective applies to both the pictures of human misery and CTV news' crappy coverage.

I would have preferred CTV put up a test pattern rather than subject the viewing audience to an interview with a woman vacationing in Hawaii, (I was in a darkened theatre when the tsunami warning came. I. Was. Scared. was the gist of her 4 minute spiel), random North Americans in Japan who had access to Skype or cell phones ("GET OFF THE FUCKIN' PHONE SO FIRST RESPONDERS CAN USE THE NETWORK TO DIRECT EMERGENCY SERVICES!!," I may have yelled at the screen) and a woman in Louisiana whose husband works at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (Because a conversation with an American woman who is NOT in Japan and isn't a nuclear scientist is helpful? REALLY? NO!)

Mr Wrath and I are planning to donate money to Doctors Without Borders. We've been putting it off, because we hoped the Canadian government would implement -- as they've done in the past -- a plan to match all charitable donations made by Canadians. However, I read yesterday (in this article) that  Diane Ablonczy, Canadian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs won't implement this scheme. It's a shameful decision quite frankly.

If you're considering donating -- and even if you aren't -- please take a moment (or 1 minute, 50 seconds) to watch this appeal created by Star Trek alumnus George Takei.

If you are on Twitter I also recommend following George Takei's feed. He's very funny, and when you sign on he sends you this awesome personal message:

Here are a few links to reputable aide organizations working in Japan:


  1. thanks for posting this video and the link. it sounds so freakin' cliche, but my heart just breaks hearing about the damage and lives lost.

  2. I was wondering if they would be matching it as well - I didn't realize that they were not going to. That sucks.

  3. Me too with the cliché. And the government sucking.