Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have A Happy Shatner Day. 80 Years of Funny.

We're just wrapping up our Shatner Day festivities.

I made a bundt cake made with All-Bran and then we watched The Wrath of Khan. "I think it's good that we watch this particular movie," said my 9 year old, "because in it, Captain Kirk celebrates his birthday. And today we are celebrating William Shatner's birthday."

If you want to brighten up today -- or any day really -- with a little dose of The Shatner Magic™, I recommend the following clips.

"It has a real computer keyboard."

It's the original Kirk, with the father of the new Kirk! It's making my head spin!

"Turn around, Bright Eyes."

Mazel tov, Pilgrims!

+ + + + +

Happy 80th Birthday, Mr Shatner, you always make me smile. Have a piece of cake. You've earned it, Bright Eyes.


  1. Yes! We should all be learning computing. I tried once to explain to the girls that when I was a girl you could not pause or record a TV show. I still remember using Word Perfect with that dreaded blue screen and F commands. Dinosaur that I am. Happy Shatner day.

  2. Aw, I missed the party! We celebrated Shatner day at an indoor water park in Omaha. Woo hoo! Have you seen his latest talk show? I can't remember the name, but J and I have watched clips of it that they run on the Soup. It is funny, but I don't think he means it to be funny...