Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Hispanic and cocky. Yeah, you definitely die first."

Fourteen months ago we disconnected our satellite dish. What pushed me (yes, me -- Mr Wrath has never been a big fan of tv) over the edge was that despite paying $70/month, I often could not find a single program to watch. Such is the plight of the modern woman who loathes reality television.
Now I watch my plays online. Since I'm watching them online, seems like a natural fit to discuss them online. Here are the shows I never miss:

The Big Bang Theory:

I derive a shameless amount of joy from the fact that I GET most of the science jokes being made by the characters. Geek POWER!

Hands down, Castle is my FAVOURITE show currently being broadcast. This show is light on gore, long on plot, has snappy dialogue and is humourous. I think this season's been great, except for the annoying X-Files themed episode (Note to Lyle Lovett: you can't act worth shit, stick with singing).

Even though the crush I developed on Nathan Fillion (with whom I attended university) almost twenty years ago has been killed by his lameness on Twitter, I think he's fantastic as Richard Castle. Don't you love the chemistry between Castle and Alexis? Well, I love everything about Alexis. It's a rare treat to see a realistic, intelligent, charming child portrayed on a television show.

As a tie-in with the show, there have been two Nikki Heat books released. If you like the show, I recommend Heat Wave and Naked Heat. It's a bit surreal reading the book and comparing those characters with the "REAL" people, since the "REAL" people aren't even real but just actors performing roles. I'd like to know who is ghost writing the novels. Michael Connelly? James Patterson? Dare I hope ABC will publish a few Derrick Storm novels?

I do have an issue with Stana Katic's styling over the last year. The glamour factor has been creeping up since that first season when Beckett's hair was bobbed and her heels weren't quite so high. It just beggars belief that a female detective would have such high maintenance hair. In fact, when I first glanced at this promo shot, I thought Brooke Shields was making a special appearance on Castle:


This is one of the few shows that my husband watches. Usually while we fold laundry. It's a decent show, but I'm kinda flummoxed by its popularity.


This season has not been Bones' best, and the reason can be summed up in one word: Hannah.

I appreciate that the writers began this year with a quandary: how to diffuse the ticking time bomb of  Booth's unrequited love for Tempe lest the show suffer the same fate as Moonlighting. And the idea of Booth finding a new love interest was a great way to change the dynamic of the show, but the execution was been horrible.

The only good thing I can think of to say about Hannah (whom I now suspect was partially inspired by Lara Logan) was the writers did a commendable job developing her relationship with Bones and the other women characters. Hannah and Tempe's interactions were honest, and avoided the cat-fight/passive-aggressive/frenemy vibe which seems de rigeur for female television characters. I found this refreshing. Alas no amount of writing could make up for the horrible, horrible acting of Katheryn Winnick. I'm hoping Hannah's refusal of Booth's marriage proposal means Winnick is off the show for good because her voice and bad acting drives me up the wall.  However, I won't be surprised if she returns in an episode inspired by Lara Logan's recent assault in Egypt.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what shows you watch? Can you recommend any new shows?


  1. Do people actually watch all those reality tv shows? I mean, I know people watch the big ones like Bachelor and Survivor and American Idol, but what about those "I live in a swamp and I eat every crocodile I kill" or "I am a crazy stage mother and my two year old is going to be a beauty queen" or what have you. I mean, I've never watched those myself, but are people really interested in Vanilla Ice and his handyman life?

    Anyway. I watch Jeopardy. I also never miss Parks and Recreation (very funny) and 30 Rock. Sometimes I watch the Office but only because my husband does. I love Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family (I identify with Cameron).

  2. I loathe reality TV. I actually don't love Castle, but I watch it -- I like my mysteries a little darker. Although I love Bones, which has a lot of quirky humour. I was fine with the Hannah storyline, and I didn't think she was that bad an actress -- I think I'm just less discriminating than a lot of people, though, because I find myself saying that a lot. I love Modern Family and Cougar Town (hate Courtney Cox but love all the other characters) and The Big Bang Theory (my husband gets the science jokes and will explain them if I ask) and Eureka - I love weirdness.

  3. We've *almost* given up cable more than once this year. My husband finally said, hey, I have no social life. We don't do much. I enjoy finishing my day with some mindless entertainment and sports center. I couldn't really argue so just signed a 2-year deal. Cable and internet galore!

    The shows I like would not mesh well with your taste, I'm afraid. I like family dramas (Brothers and Sisters, Parenthood), medical drama (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice), sitcoms (How I Met You Mother, Community), and cooking competitions. Top Chef Allstars on Bravo is currently my favorite show. That's pretty much the complete list of what I watch. About an hour a tv a day, after the kids are in bed. Always on the DVR.

    I could also give you a very thorough list of the Disney channel line up, which is frequently what plays at our house. Have your boys watched Winter Wipe Out? Maybe they're a little too old, my four-year old loves that stuff!

  4. Our favorite this year IS Modern Family (your first commenter reminded me). Very funny. And Cougartown. And I will admit...I've been watching American Idol for ten years. Yup. I feel much better getting that out there. :0)

  5. I haven't watched any of the shows you mention. We use our TV for cartoons, and for the movie channels. I'm addicted to True Blood and Bad Love and fill up the rest of my time plowing through TV series on Netflix (currently halfway through Mad Men).

  6. Yikes, this is going to make me look like the reality queen! I watch Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol. I have watched Survivor since the beginning and AR and AI for a few years. I love seeing the ocean on Survivor and seasons that were land-locked I never enjoyed. It is like watching a first year psych experiment.

    American Idol is my laundry folding show, it can be on in the background.

    Besides that I love 30 Rock and miss the West Wing badly. Well written shows are far in few between these days. Hubby is devoted to HBO and loves Mad Men, Dexter and Californication. I tried Castle and it is ok, Hubby likes it more though. I think if I had gotten in at the beginning I might like it more.

    You should try Dexter...he is the Robin Hood of serial killers. I had to give up on though...too many nightmares!

  7. @Jenifer -- I've heard good things about Dexter, but my gore-tolerance threshold is so low. I love 30 Rock, too! West Wing! Walking quickly while talking quickly. SO. MUCH. FUN.

    @Marilyn -- I have had no luck w/ Netflix. Their stock & my tastes don't match up.

    @Omaha Mama -- American Idol has been on for 10 years. That makes me feel so old! I like Modern Family, too. I wonder why I don't watch it more often? Hmm...

    @Bibliomama -- Re: Hannah, it truly is her voice. It's this nasal monotone. It's distracting. My husband is really anti-Hannah b/c he thinks the whole character is trite.

    @Nicole -- the last time I was on a plane I watched all those horrible TLC shows & the celebutante ones. They're just disgusting.