Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a Cellular Peptide Cake. With Mint Frosting.

I knew that last Tuesday was Bill Shatner's birthday and that Saturday was Leonard Nimoy's birthday because my Star Trek wall calendar lists the birthdays of the original cast (next up: April 1 is the birthday of Grace Lee Whitney, aka Yeoman Rand).

Alas, the calendar doesn't note the birthdays of real people whom I actually know and/or love, ie my mother. Yesterday she sent me an email while on a layover in Montreal and mentioned that her birthday celebrations would commence on an Air Canada jet somewhere over the St Lawrence Seaway.

Being her favourite (and only) daughter I immediately responded with a hearty, "I knew it was your birthday. Yes. I totally knew that. I hadn't forgotten. Not one smidge."

Then I promptly called my father and reminded him of the fact. Forgetting birthdays is a genetic trait that I get from his side of the family (along with inability to remember the lyrics of a song no matter how often I've heard it and a propensity to yell at people out the windows of moving cars.)

I feel it would be remiss if I did not steal a photo of bake a cake to commemorate my mom's birthday. I worked really, really hard on this one:

It looks tasty, doesn't it?  And so life-like.

Happy birthday, Mom from me, Mr Wrath, the Wrathlets, the Wunder Dog and Jean-Luc:


  1. But did you eat the head first? Happy Birthday Mom of Nan!

  2. Looks frostingy...yum! And who doesn't love flesh colored frosting!!?

    (BTW - I forgot about the music and when it finally loaded just now - again - it made me JUMP! Which I'm sure was the intention, so congrats)

  3. Sometimes a cake is just a cake, but that cake is awesome :) And wow, how did I never see that musical number? I'm guessing Sesame Street got him to do that.