Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling.

Last night while we slept, a leprechaun -- angered by the boys attempt to capture him in a snare -- destroyed our livingroom. We awoke to find the room in general disarray. The leprechaun-trap was ripped to shreds. The furniture was overturned. Pictures were cockeyed. Sofa cushions were askew. Drawers were emptied. Books were thrown about pell-mell.

However, the leprechaun did leave behind chocolates, a collection of shamrock underwear (thankfully, clean) and Irish socks suitable for little boys of Irish descent:

Dinner was lamb and lentil Irish stew, made with Guinness. While the boys aren't crazy about this dish, Mr Wrath and I consider it a treat. So does The Wunderdog, who spent most of the afternoon sunning herself while trying to get in touch with her Irish Wolfhound ancestors:

"Back off, Lady. This is MY lamb bone!"

Dessert was chocolate cupcakes made with Guinness:

Also today I played this Muppets video for the boys. I enjoyed it more than they. But really it's pretty much like every REAL life singalong I've ever witnessed of Danny Boy.

+ + + + + + + + +

On an totally unrelated note: Kraft has a new salad dressing flavour: Chiptotle Mango. Does this sound awesome or awful?


  1. Wow. You went all out for St. Patrick's Day! Well done, you!

  2. I never knew people celebrated it like this! Wow.

    I was going to watch a Father Ted episode (but forgot....LOL)

  3. I love the Muppets! And that salad dressing, quite frankly, sounds appalling.

  4. Happy St. Paddy's Day! I adore the Muppets and that was classic. As for the salad dressing, I am willing to try it - when they are on sale!

  5. I tried to explain leprechauns to a friend's two-year old twins and realized I don't have a great understanding of the whole concept. I vowed to figure a few things out prior to nezt February

  6. The Chipolte Mango dressing sounds good to me, so I'll give it a shot.

    The kids built leprechaun traps, which failed AS USUAL. A friend's kid woke up to a puddle of green pee on the living room floor. And I made corned beef and pistachio pudding for supper but NOT TOGETHER.