Monday, March 28, 2011

The Society to Prevent People From Doing Really Stupid Things: The Paparazzi Edition.

To: Alyson Hannigan, actress from How I Met Your Mother and a buncha other stuff I've never seen.

From: Nan, Creator/Contributor for the Wrath of Mom Blog, Chairwoman of The Society to Prevent People From Doing Really Stupid Things (aka TSTPPFDRST).

Re: Why are you best buds with members of the paparazzi?

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Ms. Hannigan,

Let me begin with a few niceties:

• You are very pretty.
• You have a lovely smile and a gorgeous head of hair.
• You're my fourth favourite lead in How I Met Your Mother (1. Barney, 2. Ted, 3. Robin Sparkles, 4. YOU!, 5. The mopey dude with the glandular problem who looks like a turtle) -- GO YOU!
Your husband is a handsome chap who played a creepy creepier version of George Bush in the tv show Dollhouse.
• Your daughter is so cute. So very, very, cute.

But here's the thing, Ms Hannigan, you are a working actress currently employed on a successful network show. It's really beneath you to be so blatantly pap-friendly.

Why don't you just buy yourself a good camera and take your own damn photos next time you go to the zoo. Like a normal person.

Kindest snarky regards.
Nan | Wrath Of Mom


  1. What's with the costumes? The day my husband and/or sons and I all dress up in coordinating costumes is the day I give up all dignity and start wearing my neon tracksuit and matching headband.

  2. AH's husband is a actor? I assumed he worked at because they post a lot of pap photos of her.

  3. I began reading with apprehension, because you can't mess with Willow and not incur my wrath, but I see your point. And her husband was freakin' hilarious in Buffy.

  4. @Bibliomama -- I'm not knocking her talent. She's really funny & has had a long career. It boggles my mind that a successful, working actress is using her child for publicity. I associate this behaviour with C-listers and reality TV stars (ie Tori Spelling, Kate Gosselin, the "Real Housewives of blah-blah-blah").

    @Mary -- HA! AH is on's "Moms & Babies" blog frequently. Maybe she's friends with the paparazzi and the editors?

    @Nicole -- They're Halloween costumes! But I don't think the family is trick or treating since it's daylight, and there is no candy bucket. Guess they're just strolling along minding their own business.

  5. She's soooo lucky, she make a whole scrapbookw with all of her paparazzi photos!!

    Just catching up here today, working backwards, and finally hovered over your grooveshark and paused that sucker before it could even start!