Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will & Kate Tea Towels -- A Public Service Announcement.

Dear internet denizens who arrive at this post by using the search terms "William," "Kate," "Royal Wedding," "commemorative," "souvenir," and/or "tea towels." --

I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that contrary to earlier reports, Wills and the-future-Mrs-Windsor have agreed to the creation and sale of official wedding tea towels.

The bad news is that they're dull.

However, there are at least two more interesting bootleg options:

This is from the Ulster Weavers:

This one is from Emma Bridgewater:

I love this one. But I can't justify spending the amount (once I factor in the exchange rate, duty and shipping) for a tea towel. Even if it's a work of art.

Happy shopping, my fellow anglophiles!



  1. I couldn't really tell, but the official one doesn't even look like it has their names on it. I love Emma designed one it is frameable. How goes things your way....we have snow today!

  2. We're still on for a live tweet fest, right? Because I have it marked on my calendar. I must - yes, must - blog about the commemorative condoms.

    Personally, I want a wall plate.

  3. I don't know about you, but I'm breaking out my Charles and Diana mug to celebrate! And stirring with my Prince-William-as-a-baby spoon!
    (No, sadly, this is not ironic. I really ahve these things. 1/2 british, you know...)

  4. I'm not sure why (because I love all things British and all things royal) but I'm completely uninvolved/detached with the whole royal wedding. Maybe I'm just jealous of Kate, with her lovely name and pretty brown hair.