Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthaversary Day Celebrations in the House of Wrath.

In honour of our birthday-birthday-anniversary, Tuesday night's dinner was Honeyed Spiced Chicken Tagine cooked in our new tagine:

For dessert I made a chocolate chip, banana bread bundt cake:

Do you like the cake stand? My youngest son bought it at a garage sale when he was five. At the time I thought it was so cute that a 5 year old wanted a cake stand of his very own. Alas, in the interceding years the novelty of asking him if I can borrow his cake stand has definitely worn off.

This concludes the Photographing Food section of my post as I don't suffer from Pioneer Woman Syndrome (the desire to include 59 hi-res photographs detailing every minuscule step of a recipe lest your readers are too thick to read and comprehend the recipe without visual aides) hence my recipe blog is very dull, and graphics-free. Am I the only person who doesn't care for this trend? I see it popping up everywhere. What's the appropriate number of photo illustrations for a recipe? I'm going to say 4. Three if it involves opening a tin of Campbell's soup.

Mr Wrath gave me a copy of Downton Abbey (the non-dumbed down UK version). I evidently bought him some very expensive camping gear when we were at MEC on the weekend. Also he brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers:

What a swell guy.


  1. Happy Birthaversary! Your Honeyed Spiced Chicken looks awesome! Definitely going to try it!

  2. Happy happy! And how did I not know you had a recipe blog? And I do like your cake stand. Maybe my five year old will buy one. But probably he won't.

  3. @Michelle -- Thanks. It was quite lovely and went well w/ couscous and curried cauliflower.

    @Nicole -- It's just a lowly recipe blog and not a cooking blog. I just collect recipes and don't create my own.

  4. You taunt me with your cookware. I had no idea you had a recipe blog, either.

    I can't even FIND cake stands at yard sales & I've been looking & looking & looking. Maybe I need to have my son look.

    I'm glad you had a nice birthday! It's nice to have a down day after being in a small car for hours & hours.

  5. Happy birthbirthsary. I have some little tiny tagines from Morocco - I don't think cooking in them would go very well. Ouch for Pioneer Woman. I do tend to go zooooom through a lot of pictures of cooking stuff though.

  6. LOL! I have to ask to borrow "my daughter's" colander. Every single time. Happy birthday to you both, and happy aniversary!

  7. Happy Happy again and what a fancy dinner! I am torn about the photos..I think sometimes I think I might actually make the recipe if I can see it being done. Then again it sort of reminds me of all the steps needed and that puts me right off!

    I can't wait to poke around your recipes...your boys eating habits are kind of like my big girls so I am always looking for new inspiration.

  8. I stopped reading PW ages ago. She *bored* me with the overprocessed images of every teensy step of everything.

    & then there was the animal cruelty stuff - that just ended it for me.

    Beautiful bouquet!

  9. Pioneer Woman is all about her photos. Every post includes 50 pictures of something - the horse in this pose, and this pose, and this pose. It's her thing. I'm not a massive fan, but since she's making the big dough, I'm thinking other people are. I confess to copying her when I post a recipe...although with significantly less pictures.

    Happy BBA.

  10. Just catching up here. Now I have to go research what a tangine is. You are so EDUCATIONAL for me!! Happy belated birthiversaries!

    Four is a good number, I'd say, for recipe photos. I do like to see visuals of complicated steps, but do not need to remember about browning meat or boiling liquids. It is definitely a fine line!!

  11. @Eryn -- Now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen a single cake stand since...

    @Bibliomama -- When were you in Morocco? Were you living there or visiting?

    @Gwen -- And I'm betting the colander gets used waaaaaaay more than the cake stand!

    @Jenifer -- Are your girls on an All-Carb diet, too?

    @hornblower -- I wasn't aware of any animal cruelty issues? Do you object to something in particular or to animal husbandry in general? I don't like the language PW used (I think she's now amended those earlier posts) about her mentally handicapped brother. I have no patience with such cruelty.

    @Marilyn -- I think the only recipe post I've read on your blog was about the kale soup. That recipe looked good, and your photos added to the recipe.

    But PW goes for style (ie, five pretty shots of melting butter) over substance ("add about 1/2 cup less than 1 lb." of powdered sugar). Mind you I'm not pulling in $1 million a year, so maybe I should just shut the fcuk up.

    @OmahaMama -- Thanks for the birthday greetings!