Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How I Spent My Easter Break:

Friday morning we were on the road early, headed toward Edmonton to spend Easter with my parents, and my husband's extended family.

Thirty minutes from home we stopped at the request of the 9 year old who needed a pit stop.  It was fortuitous that he'd ignored my repeated requests to use the washroom before we left the house, because we discovered a serious issue with our tires BEFORE heading through the mountains. We backtracked to the house, and husband (who is such a handy, masculine type of fellow with a vast knowledge of all things technical) decided there was a problem with our new summer tires (I can't be anymore specific than this, as I am neither handy nor masculine and all my technical knowledge is based on Star Trek) that were installed the previous day.

We headed out thirty minutes later having downgraded from our SUV to husband's teeny, tiny, commuter hatchback. We left behind half our luggage, most of the snacks we'd packed and the dvd player. It was a very cozy ten hours before the five of us (the Wunder Dog was wedged in the back with our luggage) finally arrived at my parents' house.

Is it always a mad house at Mountain Equipment Co-op on a Saturday? Or did we just fluke into the one day a year when all the members went shoe shopping? That was our first stop. At noon we trucked over to West Edmonton Mall to hang out with Mr Wrath's relatives. Once upon a time, I liked malls. I don't know if it's my age, or my later-in-life conversion to rural-dweller, but now I find malls draining. Plus my eldest has no concept that unlike in our small local mall (10 stores), he can't just wander off on his own. On Sunday we stayed close to my parents house -- on account of my sore feet, and pissy mood -- then went to Rio. This is the fourth or fifth time my small-town kids have been to a movie theatre, and they enjoyed it. I did, too. It confirmed my theory that children's movies are good so long as they are not made by the overly sentimental, preachy, moralists at Pixar Films.

There are five seasons in Canada: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and dust. We are in the throes of the dust season. Everything and everyone is coated in a fine layer of grit. So yesterday's drive home (even more cozy than the trip to Edmonton because of our Mountain Equipment Co-op purchases) was painful and long.

But we are home now. The dog hates us for the indignity of riding in a hatchback. There's a mountain of laundry to wash. The SUV tires are still funky -- hence I'm housebound.

And it's my birthday. And Mr Wrath's birthday. And our wedding anniversary.

The plans for today are tv viewing (right now we're watching Lois & Clark), and cupcakes (baked by my mom and sent home with us), and Moroccan chicken (my parents gave us a Le Creuset Tagine for our joint birthday) and I'm not doing much else.


  1. Happy bday to you, to the hubby and congrats on the Anniversary!

  2. Happy Birthday #1 and #2 and Happy Anniversary too. We don't have dust season in Vancouver. For that I am grateful.

  3. 10 hours in car there & another 10 back - insert googly eyes here -

    Holy FSM on a pogo stick. I couldn't do that without tranquilizing me & everyone around me.


    happy birthday & anniversary!

  4. Happy happy birthday! Malls are draining. I don't know if it's the recycled air or the frantic kids or the horrible people or what. I hate the mall. Also, it IS always busy at MEC on Saturdays.

    You can tell your small town boys they are way ahead of my boys. They have NEVER been to a movie theatre! I keep thinking I need to take them one of these days. What a lazy mom I am!

    I can't believe you drove that distance in a little car with no DVD player! I think you deserve a medal! Or at least a great birthday. So have a good one!!!

  5. Isn't every store busy on Saturday? This is why I never go shopping on Saturday -- at least be confident I'LL never be in your way in a store on a Saturday. I can't believe we were both in Edmonton and didn't at least do a fly-by. We by-passed the mall this time (last time we stayed in the igloo room - way cool). And we did make several comments about the dust. It's all very good that they don't use salt but...hack hack, gasp, ack...I forgot what i was going to say. Happy all the days.

  6. What color Le Creuset? I think I'm putting that on all of my gift lists for the next 30,000 years.

    I, like Bibliomama, hide in my house on Saturdays these days. The husband has Tues/Weds off, which is a more reasonable day to shop. We took the kids to a movie during the local school kids' spring break & had forgotten how absolutely miserable it is to be one of the common folk.

    Give me back my quiet Tuesday matinees in an empty theater!

    I'm glad you had a nice trip, but I'm more glad you're home. Happy birthday! And to you, too. :)

  7. @Brandy Rose -- thanks!

    @Marilyn -- What Vancouver lacks in dust it makes up for in moss & fungi.

    @hornblower -- Even more painful the trip home took 12 hours. We had to take a different route so we wouldn't be driving through a high mountain pass at dusk when the moose come out to play in the middle of the highways.

    @Nicole -- thankfully we had downloaded two audiobooks (a Kenneth Oppel and a Rick Riordan) that kept the boys (and me) entertained.

    @Bibliomama -- Edmonton was so very, very beige.

    @Eryn -- The tagine is blue! We're amassing quite a collection of Le Creuset. I'd better step up my cooking skills to warrant these dishes.

  8. I knew it was coming...Happy Birthday times two and a Happy Anniversary too! Those drives are fun right?! We had to take our commuter car around for a weekend when the van was in for repairs and we all nearly didn't make it...I can't imagine our 10 drive to Long Island in it!

    I love Le Creuset...I have no pieces, but I love them anyway.

    As for malls on Saturdays I think they are always crazy busy, but that Saturday in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday seems to particularly nuts every year.

    My big girls have wanted to go to West Ed Mall for years after seeing it on TV - note to self trip to Ed might involve large amounts of dust.