Monday, May 30, 2011


My sons occasionally throw temper tantrums. Like any parent worth their salt, I am mostly immune to Zarf and Klaxon's ham-fisted attempts to vent, to get their own way or to get attention. In some respects, Saturday's post about amounts to nothing more than a temper tantrum. By me. To blow off steam. To feel like I had some power over the situation. To get the attention of

As a parent, I'm more than a bit chagrined that it worked.

I made contact with through via twitter:

This afternoon I had a chat with a representative from I hope he hung up the phone, walked over to the management office lunch room (where staff were eating donuts and a fruit platter brought in by "Momentous Rob," as is his Monday ritual because he's a very nice man who is probably a bit cross with me) and announced, "That lady with the blog? She wasn't nearly as crazy as we'd all feared!" A cheer went up from the staff, especially Nichelle who mans the twitter account.

(Yeah. That TOTALLY did not happen.)

The zip staffer confirmed that my account had been pinged by's new service algorithm because several of my DVDs have taken longer than average to return to the warehouse in Vancouver. Oh, the joys of living in a small northern town. is aware that some people who are legitimate users were snared by the changes to their programming code and they are tweaking the system.  By the time I'd posted my rant, I'd already been removed from the Big List of Gamers (my phrase, not theirs) and my ZipRefill privileges had been reinstated. Isn't that funny?!


Well, no. It's actually a little embarrassing. Maybe someone should send me to my room for a time out.



  1. Awesome news Nan! Hmmm, maybe I will give them a try! Huzzah! Now go to your room young lady!

  2. Good for you! You were treated badly, and then you did something about it. I love this aspect of social media.

  3. No this is cool. They made a mistake, you brought it to their attention, they fixed it. More power to them and to you.

  4. No, that's awesome. Why should you be punished for their error?

  5. I don't get why you should feel embarrassed? The sad thing is, that I've recently had three serious issues with Telus (one for mobility, TV, and then internet), and all three times I tried to deal with it through "regular" routes. And you know, nothing happened. I spent hours on the phone with them and exactly nothing. However, in all three cases I went to Twitter and mentioned I was pissed at their crap service, and literally within 5 minutes I was contacted by them and everything was fixed. I think ranting on social media or blogs, is an appropriate way to get service, if the companies we are trying to deal with ignore our legitimate complaints through the usual path.

  6. I don't get it either. Being cranky about bad customer service and frustrating corporate issues is not the same as a temper tantrum at all. What they did is NOT the equivalent of the parent buying the toy so the kid will shut up - it's the equivalent of when the parent realizes they were wrong and apologizes because that's what you do when you're wrong and a grown-up.

  7. I completely agree with all the other comments...THEY needed to go to their room, not you. I think it is insane really, that companies only respond when customers "go public" so to speak. What about just fixing the problem the first time you contact them, or at least offering to see what is wrong? You are definitely not the one who needed a time-out.

  8. Thanks for the nice words, everyone. I'm glad I got the problem resolved. But reading back that last post, I do look a bit paranoid.

  9. The service is terrible! Don't feel bad about calling them out for it. I am just happy they did something to help. I had an issue with trying to use a living social voucher and they told me too bad.

    I had signed up with the voucher and I guess the ID didn't take. Of course I didn't notice because I was automatically signed up for the free month. When it stopped I was confused because I should have two more months. When I asked them about this, they said I had signed up for a trial and that had voided the voucher. They refused to help any other way, so after a drawn out couple of weeks I just had to walk away, it wasn't worth the $15.00 for this hassle.

  10. Perhaps then I should write a blog about me being a gamer. I too posted in the gigantic 'Last Zip Refill', and have been PO'd since I saw the gamer comment. The fact is, since I live in Ottawa, and watch movies and return them right away, the system keeps suspending my Zip-Refill privileges.

    I went from April 17th of last year until the summer with ZERO Zip-Refills until mid summer, after I complained that with the Postal strike, I went almost a full month with 1 movie. I was re-instated, and I got zip refills until about Mid September. Since that time, I have once again received ZERO Zip-Refills.

    I recently went on the chat function, and was attempting to complain about this. I got more cookie cutter responses, until I pressed further. At this point, the agent (who was named Rob) began to give more of a toned response, but at least I knew it wasn't cookie cutter. He gave other reasons why I was no longer triggering a Zip-Refill, I won't go into them. Needless to say, I let him know that it makes no sense how I can consistently get zip refill, then it stop completely. This has now happened to me twice where I can see a clear line of getting refills or not getting refills. It is infuriating to know that the most logical answer is that clearly I'm on a list, and thus not getting my refills.

    In a related matter, I'm worried Zippy is about to go out of business. They clearly are not getting as many new releases, and all the older greyed out titles (Ready to order, Searching for) on my ziplist are growing. It's almost like they have stopped buying older titles as well.