Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Randomness.

Check out the amazing similarities between Deanna Troi (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Mother Gothel (from Disney's Tangled):

I love it. Sadly Marina Sirtis didn't supply the voice of her celluloid doppelganger.

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A sign on the dock at camp:

Did the sign company get paid by the -S?

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What are your thoughts about the Canadian Postal Strike? 

As much as I love the songs and rhetoric of Utah Phillips and Pete Seeger, I'm not a fan of unions. Historically unions helped bring about necessary legislation to protect the rights of workers. But in this century unions are just impediments to Canada competing effectively in the global economy.  Also, for the last month I've been planning to order a Kik-Step library stool, but I don't want it to be stuck in the postal system.

This is gonna look wonderful in my kitchen!

You know what wouldn't look good in my kitchen? Me, fuming that Canada Post was forced to privatize because the CUPW would not do their bit to fix the $3,200,000,000 pension deficit of this crown corporation. Enjoy your lockout, postal employees whose average starting salary is $23 per hour. See ya in September!

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Here's a clip of Samuel L Jackson reading "Go The Fuck To Sleep." Before you listen to this, I highly recommend that you usher the kids out of the room. And pour yourself a nice mug of vodka:

• • •

Here's a gratuitous shot of Chris Pine:

I would like to point out that Chris Pine's facial hair looks really nice in this picture.  I believe  when it comes to facial hair, a little goes a long way. This is why I'm less than thrilled with Chris Pine's newest look:

He looks so...so...Canadian.


  1. Oh ugh, not a fan of Chris Pine as Grizzly Adams. Why is he hiding his light under a bushel? I haz no understanding.

    I am also not a fan of unions, but bravo saying it out loud. I have a tendency not to have an opinion because you just never know when a friend will turn out to be a union sympathizer and then bammo! huge fight.

    Once upon a time, they served an incredibly useful function. Now - and I'm talking public sector unions here, don't even get me started on teachers' unions - they serve to hold the public hostage to their increasingly unrealistic demands. Plus, I also want to send a birthday gift to my niece but I'm afraid to, lest it got lost somewhere.

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  3. OK dammit, Blogger kept not taking my comment and then took it twice. Sorry about that. >:P

  4. we've had the convo about facial hair on twitter a few days ago so you know I want to shoot him with a tranq dart & shave him clean.

    I not only used to work for the fed gov't & be in the union, I was shop steward for a while. :-)

    Workers of the World Unite!
    Go on, have some Billy Bragg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk69e1Vcmvg

  5. Wow, Samuel L. Jackson just adds IMMEASURABLY to that experience.

    And yes - that union fight has been enacted in my own living room many a time.

    Also, I just figured out that even though I thought I didn't like goat cheese, I actually do. Random enough?

  6. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of unions either, although I think they had their place. HAD. Not anymore. But then again, I live in AB, so what can one expect from me? Oooh, also, remember how I got sexually harassed via email last summer? That guy was a union rep. So that makes the weird email harassment EVEN WORSE.

    I want to order a new rain coat online. STUPID STRIKE/LOCKOUT.

    Oh! And there was a union on strike - don't know which one - for years, and they were set up on the highway when we would drive to the Okanagan. ON STRIKE FOR YEARS. Sure hope that strike pay was worth the $2/hour raise those guys got.

  7. I really really like random randomness!

    I'm curious about your mug of vodka. Is it a vodka mug? Or just a coffee one? How many ounces to you pour yourself? Do you drink it straight up or with something else? I love this idea, a mug of vodka. I just need more information. I want to be you. Only a midwestern U.S. version. :-)

  8. @hodgepodgeandstrawberries -- I deleted your stutter!

    I'm going to practice restraint and not make a lewd joke about Chris Pine hiding his light in close proximity to my bush(el). Erm. Evidently, my restraint is a bit rusty, due to lack of use.

    @hornblower -- I saw these beardy Pine photos and thought of your tweets! You're my inspiration. Once you are done shaving Pine, if the tranq hasn't worn off, can I have some private time with him? Please.

    My opinions about unions are mostly informed by having been in a union. I saw first hand that unions today are actually businesses. Unions employ lawyers, publicists, accountants, clerical staff, etc. All of these salaries are paid out of union dues from the members. Union administrators/negotiators have a vested interest in keeping union wages high, protecting their membership numbers (= more dues = bigger budget = bigger salaries) and therefore have ulterior motives when it comes to contract negotiations.

    I think a lot of middle class people in their 30s and 40s know nothing of unions OTHER THAN the rhetoric of Billy Bragg lyrics. Personally I don't care for Bragg, in part because I saw him in concert once. His onstage banter is so patronizing. He surely does believe he's the smartest man in the room, and we should all be in awe of his intellect.

    @Bibliomama -- Samuel L. Jackson is so awesome! Mace Windu FTW! Here's a random goat-related opinion: goat milk tastes good if you can just get passed the smell. Alas the orifice for tasting is just below the orifice for smelling. Oh. The irony.

    @Nicole -- I was raised in Alberta, so moving to BC (which is wildly pro-union), was a bit of a culture shock.

    I'm not surprised the creepy guy was a union rep. When I was in a union, we would regularly elect the loudest, craziest SOB. He's the wild card guy you want who will "stand up to The Man, and fight for the brotherhood." Which is great (according to the mind set of the union diehards). Unless it's winter and then NO ONE wants to strike b/c you'll get cold on the picket line, & everyone is like "Frank. Shut the fuck up, and take the .02% raise before my toes freeze off."

    @Melanie D -- I talk a good game, but I'm not much of a drinker. I average one unit of alcohol a week. But b/c my tolerance is so low, it hits me HARD.

  9. This was randomly great. Um, is the dock in the sky? Is there water up there?

  10. @Jenifer -- it was on the diving platform by the lakeshor. I guess I should have specified that it was not the sign's position that amused me, but the spelling of Tresspassing/Trespassing. I'll edit that now...

  11. I was wondering...I caught the typo right off, but was more concerned how you got into the water from that thing!

  12. I was a member of a union for 9 years when I worked for ICBC. As an employee, being part of a union was nice. But I was also involved in trying to improve how ICBC worked and since you live in BC, you probably know that I didn't get very far in the 9 years of trying. Making change in a government run organization is hard, and when you add the unions, it's pretty much impossible. I really need my mail service back.