Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Is the Pope Mobile Catholic?"

On Saturday we went to The Big City. Amongst our stops was a viewing of Cars 2 and shopping at Costco. I witnessed only slightly more tantrums at the movie than at Costco. Costco is a hub of grumpiness. Are these people grumpy regardless of where they shop, or are they perfectly pleasant until they step into the store? Attention people who hate Costco: DO NOT GO TO COSTCO. A good deal on a wheel of cheese as big as your head, is not WORTH LOOKING LIKE A SULKY BABY IN PUBLIC!

I like Costco. That's not to say it's a perfect shopping experience. I won't buy pants because they don't have change rooms.The bottleneck at the tills is always annoying. It's frustrating that things are never in the same aisle twice. There is always some woman having a weirdly intense and slightly inappropriate cellphone conversation in the book section. On Saturday, a woman thumbed through cookbooks while offering her friend Oprah-worthy platitudes in a too loud voice. "No, you are different now. You have changed. You have grown. For. The. Better." But I put up with these minor annoyances because I like their fresh produce, cheap DVDs, and wheels of cheese the size of my head.

As for Cars 2, the boys loved it.  I liked it, which is saying something since I'm not in general a fan of Pixar parables. I'm sure there are lazy parents out there who think it's great to outsource the teaching of principles and values to a multinational corporations. However, I'm more than comfortable doing that myself. I wish Pixar would ease up on the moralistic themes, especially when they sacrifice entertainment value and plot points in order to soft-sell their corporation's politically-correct, pro-nostalgia agenda. I don't think it was a good as Blu, but it didn't suck nearly as long or as hard as Wall-E or Toy Story 3.

At nine and seven, my boys were some of the older kids in the audience, but were the perfect age to appreciate the rather complicated plot. Another benefit of their age, was that we did not have to leave the theatre for multiple bathroom stops, unlike most other patrons. The volume was LOUD, which was okay since Zarf and I were coughing quite a bit. This also helped drown out the sound of screaming children and parents (myself included) reading the subtitles to their kids.

To wrap up this rather-soggy Canada Day long weekend, we went paddling today with another family. It makes me feel very Canadian whenever we canoe, and today even more so.

And speaking of wrapping things up ... I'm off to bed.


  1. *pssst* what are tills? Damn yanks don't know these things....

  2. Seriously? Tills are cash registers. I didn't know this was a non-universally used term.

  3. Am I the only person in the world who loved Wall-E? Actually I know I'm not because my crew loved it too....but you know, outside of my house?

    I don't have a Costco membership. I've visited it a few times with friends but ... meh.

    Perhaps these things are somehow correlated?

    Oh & I always look like a sulky MAD baby, who might just puke on you, when I shop. I detest shopping.

    Thx for the Cars 2 review. My kids are getting old - sniff. Maybe I can convince the 13yo to see it. Or we'll wait for the dvd and watch in privacy :-)

  4. I love Costco because I love their Kirkland brand, I love their cheese, and their produce is very yummy. But I hate shopping there because everyone is in such a vile mood there. Sometimes shopping there makes me feel like my soul is being sucked by the bad Costco vibes.

  5. @hornblower -- I might have enjoyed Wall-E more if I had not seen it in the movie theatre. The parallels between the Axiom passengers (reclining in chairs, staring at entertainment screens, eating super-sized junk food) and the movie theatre patrons were quite obvious. I also felt badly for the obese woman and her young son who sat in the row ahead of us, as the finale is really a prolonged joke at the expense of fat people.

    Wall-E also represents a huge disconnect between the creative team at Pixar and the marketing department. Pixar has made their fortune via crappy, plastic toys sold at multinational department stores, and promotional tie-ins with fast food outlets. Did they really believe that both Walmart and McDonalds would promote a movie that ultimately mocked them and their corporate practices?

    @Nicole -- the DVD section is my undoing. And the yogurt. And the cute kids pajamas. And the free samples!

  6. Now you have me wondering am I cranky at Costco? Truth be told, hubby does most of the Costco runs and I do love the Peckle pj's and ladies socks and pj's. I don't go often, but I always manage to come out with some type of clothes.

    For me it is books, I always see something I want.