Friday, July 8, 2011

The Royal Icing On the Royal Tour.

Today was the last day of Will and Kate's William and Catherine's, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's cross Canada tour. This will -- I hope -- be the last post about royalty for the foreseeable future. In honour of this moratorium,  I will post some spectacularly ugly "art" inspired by Will and Kate:

Did Mohamed Al-Fayed commission this horror? I think yes.

Here's one last photo of Will and Kate in Calgary:

At the moment this photo was taken Will was remarking to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, "Christ. In England people get their knickers in a knot when my Granny goes on a fox hunt, but over here you give ribbons to young children for riding sheep. It's so wrong."

Meanwhile Kate's only thought is, "I fucking hate this fucking white fucking big fucking hat. Bastards. Can't believe I have to fucking wear it." No. Wait. That's not what Kate's thinking. That's what I would be thinking if I was expected to wear a very large white cowboy hat. I love hats, and I love big brimmed cowboy hats but I wouldn't wear one of these white hats. But the Royal couple were good sports and permitted the people of Calgary to make them look foolish.

LOOK! Laureen Harper is wearing an ensemble that I can't mock. It's nice enough and her hat isn't white. Good for her. Now if only she'd stop bringing that roly-poly fellow as her date everywhere, I'd be happy.

Did you see the little girl who greeted Will and Kate at the airport in Calgary? Her participation was arranged by the Make A Wish foundation because she has cancer and...okay I'm not going to recap her story. I just can't. Even the thought of it makes me teary-eyed. Go and read this article, but make sure you have tissues close at hand.

Lots of tissues.


  1. That top picture portrays William in quite complimentary light, no? I'm not sure, but I think his hair has gotten a bit thinner than that this days (though I still think he's dashing).

    You don't have to quit with the posts on royalty! I enjoy are my headquarters for all things British royalty.


    As if I didn't love the Duchess to a truly unreasonable degree before...

  3. Why is the child riding a sheep?? WHY????

  4. I don't think I'm ready for that article quite yet. The royal posts, however? Just keep them coming.

  5. @Melanie D -- There's something Edward Cullen-esque about that portrait don't you think? And yes, Will has thinned on top. I'm glad to see he's embraced the baldness and stopped w/ the comb over attempts.

    @hodgepodgeandstrawberries -- Kate was class personified. And when Will rubbed little Diamond on the back...I'm getting teary-eyed again.

    @Marty -- I'm don't know. And attempting to formulate a reason is giving me a headache.

    @Biblomama -- my husband appreciates that I have this outlet for all my Will & Kate interests, saves him having to pretend to care.

  6. Speaking as a true Calgary girl, THOSE HATS ARE AN ABOMINATION. They are so embarrassing, and the importance placed on the white hat ceremony is pathetic. There was this HUGE uproar that they didn't immediately don the hats and express their amazement at being given such an honour, the giant white hat. CALGARY, STOP WITH THE WHITE HATS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

  7. Oh, and Misty, those are called "mutton busters". Little kids ride the sheep and win prizes for staying on, a la the cowboys on bucking broncos or bullriding YES IT IS LAME BUT NOT AS BAD AS THE GODDAMN WHITE HATS.

  8. I love these posts...and now I am off to find out exactly what the white hat ceremony is...never heard of it.

  9. @Nicole -- Is it true people booed when they didn't wear the hats immediately? Because that's shameful.

    Also I'm glad that Kate (in particular) didn't don that hat, because right after they went over to Diamond and chatted with her. A big freaking cowboy hat is NOT what one expects to see when you have been promised an audience w/ a princess.

    Mutton busters? Sweet jeezus and a box of hair.

    @Jenifer -- I certainly enjoy writing these posts! It's nice to know I'm not the only grown woman besotted w/ this couple.