Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WWMBD: What Would Myers-Briggs Do?

Over on Google+, people have been discussing their Myers-Briggs temperaments. I am an ENTJ. Just the other day I did an online test and these were my results:

I'm not sure what all this means. Does the first component show that only 22% of my personality will enjoy conversing with someone if they are nattering on about their feelings? If yes, then this test is very accurate. Does the last part mean I'm judgmental 44% of the time? Because that doesn't seem like a big enough number. For instance if people want me to talk about their feelings or my feelings, I totally judge them as bonkers 100% of the time. 

According to wikipedia, I am also a fieldmarshal. A fieldmarshal. Like Rommel, but not a Nazi.

I was excited to learn that I have lots of stuff in common with Margaret Thatcher. That made me very happy. I was even more happy -- nay, down right gob smacked -- to learn that she's not dead. NOT DEAD. NOT EVEN A LITTLE. Yeah, for Margaret Thatcher! Other famous people who are ENTJs: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Bill Gates. Golda Meir. Edward Teller. FYI, Edward Teller was "the father of the hydrogen bomb" and is NOT the quiet member of Penn and Teller comedy-magic act. What a shame.

Other things I've learned: ENTJs are very rare. We comprise just 2% of the general populace. ENTJs also comprise 100% of the people who go on to lead doomsday cults.

Here's a list of typical ENTJ traits:

thrill seeker,
self centered,
comfortable around others,
image conscious,
likes to be center of attention,
emotionally stable,
hard working,
hates to be bored,
prepares for worst case scenarios,
finishes most things they start,
risk taker,
desires fame/acclaim,
image focused,
avoids giving in to others,
does not like to compromise,
skeptical, and
hates pie.
Alright. I made that last one up. Also I deleted 'narcissistic' from the list because it seemed a bit judgmental, even by my standards. And incorrect. But otherwise it's a pretty accurate list. Though I'm interpreting 'clean' as 'showers daily' and NOT 'likes things antiseptically pristine and puts objects at right angles and does the dishes promptly.'

As for Mr Wrath he's an ISTP/crafter. Heheheh. A crafter. Fieldmarshal kicks crafter ass every single day. Metaphorically-speaking, of course.


  1. Love it! But then again, i love pie.

  2. Yeah, I'm an ENTJ, just like Cin said. My husband is an INFJ, which is the same personality type as Oprah, and Gandhi. So you can easily see who is a) more likeable and b) occupies the moral high ground on every issue.

    (As the ENTJ, I get to occupy the high horse. Obviously.)

    Luckily, university prof is one of the listed best occupations for ENTJs. And I am one of those, so I can channel all my bossiness and need for order in productive ways. You know, instead of marshalling the troops for my doosmday cult.

    Welcome to the club. And we should NEVER plan a party together.

  3. @Laurie -- I'm more of a muffin-lover myself.

    @Aimee -- I would let you plan the parties. My philosophy tends to be: who cares what you plan -- I'm going to be there, ergo it's gonna be fun! But you don't want to sit with me on a board of directors for a non-profit organization. I'm a little severe. Efficient and great at leading meetings, but a little disinclined to make chit chat or lose focus of the organization's mandate.

    Homeschooling is great fit for ENTJs. I think my eldest boy is following my lead.

  4. I'm an ENFP. "I'm introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive," according to Wikipedia. Don't I sound great? OH I AM. Me and Charles Dickens.
    Wikipedia claims that I am "The Champion." CHAMPION OF WHAT, WIKIPEDIA?

  5. I'm the same! Just like Madonna! And Napoleon!

  6. I am an ISFJ. A touchy feely type. Except I am Canadian and do not hug. But the whole protector thing, I totally get that. Which means that teaching was ALL wrong for me. I don't enjoy telling others what to do. Unless they are my children and then I can boss them all the live long day.

  7. Oh lord, Munchkin is a total ENTJ. She led us all on a nature walk the other day, giving all of us tasks, and telling us when to stop and start. It was the most ruthlessly efficient aimless riverside stroll with imaginary crocodiles I have ever participated in.

    I'm still a little cheesed that history's great tyrants and the media's most obnoxious and self-serving characters are all ENTJs.

    It makes me wonder: shouldn't I be leading an army, or at least have my own media empire by this point?

  8. I'm an INFJ. "The Counseller".

    The percentages just mean how well you fit each section. So 22% under "E" means that you are 22% extroverted rather than introverted. That means that you are mildly extroverted. On the other hand, the 75% under "I" means that you are REALLY intuitive.

  9. I finally got to this...I am an INFJ and my judging score was 83% yikes!

  10. Hey! I'm an INTJ...I think...we used to have to take these tests every year at work and then sit in a large room and discuss what it meant for all of us working together. I kind of hated that. I'm very high on the judging scale. :)