Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Blog Post About The Dog Lest You Think I Am Playing Favourites.

About a month ago I decided that I would go insane if I had to look at this for one more day:

These are Falafel's dog bowls. Two years ago a friend recommended elevating Falafel's bowls to reduce strain on her aged neck. It was meant to be a temporary fix, until I could find an arrangement that didn't involve the Rubbermaid storage tub Mr Wrath stained while brining a turkey.

I spent -- I kid you not -- 6 hours on-line one day looking at various makes and models of elevated canine feeding stations. Most of the options were just as UGLY as our temporary fix and way more costly than the one we finally settled on:

(Of course, Falafel doesn't know how to read, so the labels on the bowls are meaningless to her)

Awesome side benefit: it is Osiris Spock-proof.

 Now if only I can find a quick and attractive solution to the deck railing that surrounds our stairwell.


  1. Such a cute doggy. *sigh* I STILL miss my Bob!

  2. Those are cute! But what is brining a turkey?

  3. @Nicole -- When you soak a turkey in a salty spicey mixture -- Mr Wrath uses all these amazing Indian spices. It's so good.

  4. VERY nice. I know what you mean about thinking something's going to be temporary and then blinking and finding that seventeen months have elapsed. I love your dog. I love that your dog's name is Falafel. I love that that guy commented once and told you that falafel was a kind of food in his country. I'm a big fan of turkey brining (blogger doesn't like falafel either).

  5. I was JUST thinking I needed to get one of those for our Mollie, only a smaller version for our smaller dog. She'll be ten this year and we have her bowls on the floor. I like the look of those metal holders. I may have to look into that, labeled bowls and all. :-)

  6. This is a test comment. I'm using your blog to test if I can leave comments. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH GOOGLE.