Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cat Calling.

In the past six weeks, we have watched THIS cat:

Become THIS cat:

THIS is now the focal point of the living room:

And we couldn't be happier.

And by we, I mean "the humans in the House of Wrath." The dog is the only hold-out against Osiris' charm offensive:


  1. Aw, but look at them hanging out together. Do you remember that old Looney Tunes clip with that big dog, Mark Anthony, and the little tiny kitten who would climb all over him and nest in his fur? That's what this reminds me of.

  2. That is the best/cutest cat perch I have EVER SEEN.

  3. Marc Anthony! I LOVE that cartoon. When he puts the kitty cookie on his back, I just die. *sniff, sniff*

    P.S. Osiris' eyes look blue in one photo and green in another. Exactly what color ARE his eyes?

  4. @Mary-LUE -- doesn't she look sad? And all the kitten wants is to cuddle.

    @Nicole -- I didn't know this cartoon at all. Just watched it on youtube. It's adorable!

    @Swistle -- Isn't it lovely? I'm in the living room 16+ hours a day -- so an ugly cat tree would've driven me bonkers. If my husband asks it cost $10.

    @Mary-LUE -- Osiris' eyes are now green. And in certain lights he's not black, but dark brown with black tabby markings. It's very cool.

  5. That cat post is just adorable! And the kitty isn't too shabby on the eyes either :-)

  6. Falafel looks so help me already!

    Oh, I remember that cartoon. It is definitely appropriate.

  7. @Marty -- he's a pretty nice cat. This is the fourth cat I've owned, & the first one who would nap on my lap. Remember: the cat post was $10. This reminds me, I'd better make sure I get the September credit card bill out of the mailbox before Mr Wrath does.

    @Jenifer -- She is sad. Very, very sad. Sometimes she'll growl at Osiris, but he's fearless and keeps trying to cuddle up to her.

  8. My B was walking by and remarked, "That's a cool cat house." Yes, yes it is. The cat's pretty cute too.