Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun With Laundry!

 There's a little game we play at our house -- to the utter dismay of my husband -- called "Guess which is a fitted sheet, and which is a flat sheet?"

SEE? I wasn't lying yesterday when I said I was awesome at folding fitted bed sheets.

Here's the secret to winning at bed sheet origami: first watch this Martha Stewart's instructional video. Next, thank the gods that you are NOT related to or employed by Martha Stewart. Then perfect your technique by practicing on a fitted crib sheet. Progress to twin sheets, then double, and finally queen or king sheets.

And this concludes today's segment of "Things Housewives Do For Fun While Watching Murder, She Wrote and Drinking Vodka." Next time we're going to learn the correct method of photographing and documenting the comings and goings of your neighbour when you suspect she's having an affair! Should be a good episode!


  1. I can't fold sheets well. It's a sad failing in my life of domesticity.

  2. I worked at a laundromat when I was a teen. I was probably the only 16 year old that could fold king fitted sheets like a champ. Funny that trick was never brought out at parties.

  3. I must say my sheets are lumpy compared to when I see my Mom's (and yours), but mine are pretty good. I have no idea how my Mom does it, but hers are like yours so smooth and flat. She does t-shirts the same way.

    As for the video that is exactly how I do them!

  4. I... wow........

    My personal handling of linens is now in shame, as I often take more of the "ball" and "shove it in where it fits" approach to putting away fitted sheets. Feel free to come play in my linen closet ANY time. Heck, I'll even leave a bottle of vodka in there somewhere for you to find!

  5. I watched that video some time ago...and went a different direction with that info that you. I just sort of scrunch up my fitted sheets. Pseudo-folded. Yours is prettier. My motor skills are deficient for such skills.

    Do you know that Angela Lansbury NEVER won an Emmy? Now you've learned something today. You're welcome.

  6. You are a true goddess of bedding! My fitted sheets are flatly folded, alas I have no flat sheets to compare them with. Epic fail . Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 domestic goddess points.