Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Time.

We had 28 people over Saturday for a pot luck dinner. It was a great evening. We hung out with friends. People brought us food. We cleaned the house beforehand.

I wish that we could maintain a spotless house just for the sake of cleanliness, but we don't.  We usually only clean when there is the the threat of public censure or a written warning from the health board. Don't misunderstand. We're not pigs. I do make a point of washing and changing the sheets weekly. I'm ruthless when it comes to purging clutter. But I seldom vacuum or sweep more than once a week and with a dog, a cat, two boys AND homeschooling, it needs doing more often. There is also a direct correlation between the cleanliness of my house and the quality of audiobook I have on the ipod.

When I do clean, I want to make sure that the house not only looks clean, but smells clean. It's all about public relations, as far as I'm concerned. So I buy the most pungent smelling products I can find, ie Pinesol. Lately, however, not even the smell of Pinesol can mask the olfactory proof that an old (but beloved) dog lives here. But you know what does a pretty good job of masking the smell? Those Febreze Luminaires. I've mocked them for years, but it turns out they do a pretty good job. Except for one called Agave Waterfall. Don't buy Agave Waterfall. It smells like a truck stop bathroom -- and that is WAAAAAAAAAY worse than old dog stink. But the Green Tea shade is nice. The pomegranate-mango is so pretty I want to lick it. But I won't.

We won't be having anyone over to the house for the next six to eight weeks. We're doing some renovations. Hmm...I'm not sure if renovations is the right phrase. It sounds far too grand for what we're doing. Basically we're fixing up the basement. We're tearing down half the walls and the ceiling in the basement, putting up new walls in a different configuration to accommodate a shower stall downstairs. Again this sounds more grand than it really is, because half of the walls are just cedar panelling nailed over studs with no drywall underneath. Back in the seventies, some previous owner got a really good deal, on a lot of cedar panelling.

This is step one. Step two will be fixing the leaking bathtub surround in the main bath. This is a job that we said would be our number one DIY priority when we bought the house. In 2002. We're pacing ourselves.


  1. We can't use any type of air fresheners...they bother Papoosie Girl's asthma. I do buy soy candles though and sometimes light them if people are coming over.

    You are brave, that is a lot of people to have over at once. I am always more motivated to clean if people are coming, isn't everyone!

    It does sound like a big job you are doing in your basement. I guess you are making the rooms bigger then?

    Post some before and after photos...just to keep you motivated.

  2. @Jenifer -- if you ever come to my house, I'll make sure to toss out all my smelly deodorizers. I hadn't realized they were asthma triggers.

    We're taking six rooms that are really poorly laid out (a rabbit warren comes to mind) and making three larger rooms. Instead of a bathroom, laundry room, food storage room, work room, sewing room and family room, we'll have: a bathroom/laundry room, storage room and larger family room. I'm too embarrassed to post my before pictures -- not until I have the "afters," anyway.

  3. We've been known to invite people over solely on the basis that the house needs to be cleaned - we're real 'what's my motivation?' types.

  4. Oooh, doing the basement! I love the AFTER of home renos, but the actual doing of them - I think it requires much booze and/or tranquilizers. The dust! The noise! The upheaval! I need a drink just thinking about it.

  5. We're pacing ourselves. Hee hee.

    I'm going to try that mango scent, I have a 10-year old dog who is trying to drive me crazy! She doesn't just smell funny, she likes to pee in my white carpet at random times just for laughs.

    I'm a horrible housekeeper. HORRIBLE. I have a day off tomorrow and it's going to be a beautiful day outside and I'm going to be in the house, tidying up and doing laundry. Blech. The in-laws are coming, I have no choice.