Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Tail Tale.

My parents came for a visit last week. My father came so he could join us on a backcountry canoeing and camping trip. My mother came to babysit our pets.

My mother is a VERY good person. Obviously. I could hardly blame her if she refused me this favour. After all, the last time I asked her to take care of my cat, was when I moved out of her house and left behind an aged, misanthropic feline. Seven loooooong years later he was still living with her, when he succumbed to a terminal case of living-too-long-itis.

While my mother was at home with my aged, good-natured dog and my spastic, furniture scratching (BUT CUTE) kitten, I was here:

It was a very good trip. I've almost recovered from the motion sickness, that I always get if I'm on the water for more than 20 minutes.  In addition, I've almost recovered from the thrill of FINALLY catching a fish:

This is a northern pikeminnow (though it used to have an unsavoury name that I refuse to use in real life or on my blog) and it's chock-a-block full of bones and pretty much inedible. But still I'm pretty pleased with myself. What can I say? I have low standards.


  1. Mr. Wrath and his canoes! You do get some awfully pretty scenery on those trips.

  2. Your jacket matches the canoe! That is lovely fish either way.


    Your jacket and canoe combination is very cheery. I love the colour orange.

    By the way, I think your mother is brilliant. She gets out of camping just by babysitting the pets! That is the kind of grandma *I* aspire to be. The non-camping kind.

  4. Love your canoe trip pictures, though they always make me JEALOUS! Your mother sounds wonderful, though I wouldn't mind spending a few days by myself somewhere minding someone's pets. I seem like I'm doing a good deed and enjoying some solitude. Win win.

  5. Well now, you know I had to click the link to find out its former name, which then led me to this discussion on my favourite site ever - Wikipedia - about the origins of the word that you find offensive...which I can't link to without having the name appear in a link on your site.

    I find it interesting that the term appears to not have the derogatory meaning that some think it does. Some feel it's bad. Others not. I don't know enough about it to voice a true opinion on the term, but I just thought that I'd mention that I find the evolution of language fascinating. What's ok and not.

    Oh yeah, nice fish. :)