Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something Something Day With Something Something Referencing Star Trek.

About two weeks ago Allison at Bibliomama wrote:
I also kind of want to start doing a regular book review day here, but I'm hobbled by the fact that none of the days of the week has a first letter that is amenable to alliteration with 'book' or 'review'.
This gave me an immense amount of comfort, because I'm facing the same quandary. Although instead of wanting to post book reviews (I would be too embarrassed to admit the low-brow books I usually favour), I want to write a Star Trek post every week. But I can't think of a suitable title and I can't start this series until I have a really, really cool title. The closest I can come up with is Sundays With Spock. But that's lame. Allison is now writing Monday On The Margins posts. I'm green with envy -- that's such a cool title. Can anyone think of an alliterative title for my Star Trek posts? Please.

It can be completely obscure, I don't mind. I'm just looking for a prompt/obligation that will get me blogging on a more regular basis. These aren't going to be particularly deep posts. Most will probably just consist of me playing a game I call "Star Trek, She Wrote" where I try to find six degrees of separation between the guest stars on Murder, She Wrote episodes and Star Trek movies and shows.

For example: The Next Generation's Geordi LaForge (aka Levar Burton) appears in the season 3 Murder, She Wrote episode "Death Takes A Dive."



  1. Hmmmm.... no.

    Warp Speed Wednesdays? Sub-space Saturdays? Transporter Tuesdays?

    This is hard.

  2. Trekkie Tuesday? Star Trek Saturday? Um...Space Sunday? Okay, I really have no idea. I'd help, haven't eaten kale chips yet...

  3. @Bibliomama --
    Ooh. I like "Warp Speed Wednesdays!"

    @Nicole --
    I don't expect you to know about Trek-stuff! I'm still committed to our Trek/Kale chip exchange, but I really haven't seen kale at the grocery store since I made the offer.

  4. I think you have a good start already and since I have pretty much zero knowledge to offer...I will leave it to the pros.

  5. @Jen -- I think I'm going w/ Bibliomama's "Warp Speed Wednesdays." It's good. So much better than my idea of "Sundays with Spock." Or my only other idea: Saturdays with Spock.

  6. I agree, that one was my fave too.

  7. HOLY CRAP, I clicked to leave "Warp Speed Wednesdays" & Bibliomama had already posted it. I'm going to say that great minds think alike. I certainly felt rather inspired when I thought of it!