Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Am Loving. Things I Am Hating.

This Post Secret.

The fourth season of Castle. We're only two episodes in but, neither of them have sparkled. Also, after three seasons of loving how the writers avoided the trite pitfalls of writing a teenage character, Alexis' new storyline is very disappointing.

This cartoon that Nicole mentioned in the comments to yesterday's post.

Our seven-year old laptop is dying. We are now faced with the decision to buy an iPad or a new laptop. I hate making these types of decisions. Tell me which one to buy so I don't have to think for myself. We need it for word processing and video watching. We are Mac users.


I've only seen the first episode, but it's brilliant. It's been a long time since I have fallen hard for a show, but this one is spectacular. Which means it's going to start sucking very soon and will then be cancelled. My apologies to Benedict Cumberbatch for ruining his career prospects.

The potatoes I grew.
(This is from one plant, I had 10 others that were equally successful)

I don't usually like potatoes, but these ones are great. Next year I'm going to only grow potatoes, peas, spinach, Swiss chard, basil and cilantro because everything else utterly failed.

Zarf is very sick. I'm a little bit sick. Stupid cold. Stupid prone-to-get-sick DNA that I passed on to Zarf, whereas Klaxon takes after his father and NEVER gets sick. It's salt in the wound, quite frankly.

The thought of October. Mr Wrath will be working night shifts for 18 days straight in October. I want to go curl up in a corner and sob.

The audiobooks for the Sofie Metropolis series. They're not high-art, but they're fun to listen to while your folding laundry or making Greek food. I've made A LOT of Greek food these past three weeks.

The new Rick Riordan book is coming out next week.

The poached egg with salsa on whole wheat toast that I had for breakfast.

That Mike Myers named his son Spike. Unless, Mrs Myers delivered a bouncing baby rottweiler -- in which case it is a lovely name.

This blind gossip item about a talk show host with a cheating spouse. Could it be Ellen and Portia? Or is it Oprah and Gayle?

What's on your loving/hating list?

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Edited to add at 10:47AM:

Loving: Mary-LUE. And all my other blogging/tweeting buddies.


  1. Well, I write in a huff, I notice you did not put down that YOU LOVE ME!

    I'm going to go cry now.

    Okay. I'm not going to go cry.

    Isn't that cartoon the best? I love Marc Anthony and that little black kitty. So charming.

    Laptop. Get a laptop. I don't think the iPad is that great for lots of word processing. Unless they have one of those keyboard attachment thingies for it. Then I don't know which you should buy.

    Sherlock is AMAZING. I know they are already making a second series, but each series is only 3 episodes. You are guaranteed 6 episodes of Sherlock.

    Sorry you guys are sick. You guys being sick is on my hating list.

  2. @Mary-LUE -- I added you to the LOVING list. Don't cry! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE IN THE UNIVERSE: DO NOT CRY!


    I'm hesitant to buy an iPad. Mr Wrath wants one, but I think they're a replacement for an iPod Touch not a computer.

    Do you read Celebitchy? One of their writers made a joke about loving Benedict Cumberbatch and wanting to have his Cumberbabies. It makes me laugh.

  3. I love how Mark Anthony puts the cookie kitten on his back. SO CUTE.

  4. Also, when I was a kid we had a dog named Spike. He was a black terrier poodle.

  5. Thank you! *sniff sniff* I feel much better now.

    Cumber babies! Love it.

  6. @Nicole -- The cat shaped cookie is cute. And I love that Mark Anthony's owner is vacuuming and cooking while wearing high heels and a dress.

    For me, Spike conjures up Hugh Grant's roommate in Notting Hill.

    @Mary-LUE -- Glad you've forgiven me.

  7. I have promised Papoosie Girl we will go and buy Son of Neptune on Tuesday...she is dying for the book! Also, for Halloween she is going as Annabeth Chase...we are making her the orange t-shirt.

    Get the ipad is great, but I think a laptop will serve you better. Our ipad is currently in the possession of our youngest, she loves it.

  8. The Marc Anthony cartoons were some of my favourites as a kid. There are a few (the kitty's name is "Pussyfoot") but "Feed the Kitty" is the best.

    I still remember my little sister bursting into tears when the lady gave Marc Anthony the kitty-shaped cookie and he put it on his back. AWESOME.

    Mike & Spike, they think alike? Was that what he was going for? NAMING FAIL.

    And yes, get the laptop. An iPad would be frustrating I suspect with all the word processing you do.

  9. I love that the dog is named Marc Anthony.

    I really want an ipad, but I don't think it is a replacement for the touch. Because it just isn't as handy. You can't stick it in your back pocket and run to catch a kid. Or something.

    However, watching movies on the ipod touch is ANNOYING.

    You can get a keyboard station for the ipad that props it up. I would do that, If I got it.

    I don't know that it has good word processing power, does it?

    I want one.