Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Warp Speed Wednesdays: Of Premiere Episodes.

Last week I asked for suggestions on names for my new weekly Star Trek post. The first suggestion (made by Bibliomama) is wonderful:

Is it immediately apparent that my blog's name is a reference to "The Wrath of Khan?" Does it conjure up images of a crazed mother keen to avenge herself on her enemies by any means possible?, ie marooning them in an underground cave or putting slugs down peoples' ears. This is not the case.  I write with humourous intent. The phrase "Wrath of Mom" was first used by my younger son last November.  He asked to watch the movie and I responded by yelling -- in the manner of Kirk in the header photo -- "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" He sighed and deadpanned, "Yea. Like anyone would want to sit through the Wrath of Mom."

And a blog was born.

This will be the 25th post I've written with, at least, a cursory mention of Star Trek. It is also the 24th anniversary of the first broadcast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

As I type this, I'm watching that premiere episode, Encounter At Farpoint. Even after many years, and many viewings, it's compelling. Picard's anti-Kirk-ness is delicious. Q is terrifying. Riker is a stud. Damn, I forgot Riker was such a handsome guy. But I do prefer him with the beard.

I was fourteen and in grade 9 when it premiered. We were out of town for the weekend and the whole time I was nervous that our ancient VCR would fail to record. Thankfully, it came through for me. For the next seven years, I watched every single episode. By the time it ended -- with the Q-centric finale All Good Things... -- I was 21 and in my third year of university.

In recent years, I've re-watched the series with Zarf and Klaxon. The show stands up. Yes, the decor and outfits are dated, but the storytelling is timeless. The characters are complex and charming. The special effects still impress. The themes (scientific research is noble, good will triumph over evil, practice and value personal accountability, work for the good of others, violence is not the answer) continue to inspire me. And will -- I hope -- inspire the next generation of Trekkies: Zarf and Klaxon. 


  1. I feel like I should watch this. You should go into sales. :-) I've never seen an episode and now I want to.

  2. Ugh. All I could think of is that I was 23 and almost MARRIED when this show premiered. I was older than you were when the show ended.

    I feel old.

    Oh well.

    Paul and I used to watch this show together every week. I laughed then , and still do a little, at the position of Ship's Counselor. It was, to me, one of the most obvious nods to the changing sensibilities from the 60s to the 80s. I think TNG, overall, holds up better than the original series.

    Did I just say that? Am I in trouble now? I still LOVE Kirk & Crew, but I will admit I laugh more now at the episodes than I did when I was a kid watching them boldly go where no man had gone before.

  3. We didn't have cable, but a 'new' channel was launching here the same year that ST:TNG premiered. That and The Simpsons were the two flagship shows. We had to tune it in with rabbit ears... the images all had ghosts and sometimes the sound cut out... but I still remember how transported we all were. (My folks were already Trekkies from the first series).

    And Riker was never my thing. Picard? YUM YUM. I still remember the episode (please don't ask me the name!) where he went on vacation and met that woman and was all romantic & action-adventurey... mmm....

  4. @Omaha Mama -- yes, c'mon! All the cool kids are doing it! Be a Trekkie!

    @Mary-LUE -- You're right! Having a counselor is so indicative of the era of Oprah and Donahue.

    I'm surprised that Zarf and Klaxon love the original series. I thought they'd think it cheesy, but they are very earnest, even when it comes to styrofoam boulders. Which I love.

    @HodgePodge -- Captain's Holiday. Season 3. Picard goes to Risa for shore leave, and gets together w/ a rogue archaeologist named Vash. Is it so wrong that I know all of those details from memory? Is it so wrong that sometimes I ask my husband (who does look a bit like Picard) if he is seeking jamaharon?

  5. Jamaharon! I'd forgotten that bit. Tee hee. And seriously, if your husband looks a bit like Picard, WELL. Aren't we a lucky lady. ;)