Monday, October 31, 2011

And Happy Día de los Muertos Eve, to YOU!

I couldn't resist posting a few photos from Halloween.

This year we put our foot down and made the boys gut their own pumpkins. "Next year I'm getting the smallest pumpkin I can find," Zarf announced upon realizing that the bigger the pumpkin, the more seeds and pulp it contains.  Mr Wrath did the carving, with lots of "help" from the boys.  Because it was so windy (and barely above freezing) when we set them on the front patio, we illuminated the jack o'lanterns with battery-powered LED lights.

I carved my jack o' lantern without any adult supervision:

"Is that the Enterprise?" said my neighbour. I replied with more glee than was truly appropriate. But it was nice affirmation that scanning and scaling photos from Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise was worth the hassle AND also that I'm not the only Trekkie on the street.

Look at my little boys, they're all grown up. Here they are at ages 7 and 9 outfitted as "Savage Opress," aka some minor Star Wars character with some bad mtehor-fckniug attitude.

It seems like only yesterday they were dressing up as Well-Armed Zombie/Ninjas Who Drink Blood, aka the costume your children will create if you give them $20 at Value Village and do not set parameters on what is an acceptable costume BEFORE you get to the till.  Ah. Good times.


  1. Matching costumes, huh? Did that cause any angst?

    Also, Savage Opress? I know, I know. I can't read it aloud or hear it without rolling my eyes so far back in my head I get seasick.

  2. Great pumpkins! The squirrels got to ours so they are not really photo worthy. Those boys look scary. Doesn't every parent "ungunk" the pumpkins?!

  3. Wow, your pumpkins are way, way cooler than mine. Also I think the ninjas-who-drink-blood could really catch on!

  4. Wow, your pumpkins are SO much better than ours. And making your kids gut them? Sheer genius. Although I'm reasonably sure we just wouldn't have pumpkins if we did that -- weak-spirited squeamish little buggers.

  5. Very impressive jack-o-lanterns. Turkey brining and pumpkin carving?! He's a keeper! Our kids sketch their designs and then the Hubs has the happy job of trying to make that translate to reality. The kids also "help" which includes a lot of cues to step back!

    I love that your trekkie pumpkin forged a bond on the block. Pumpkins for world peace!

    (and hey! I can comment again! Hooray! But now my timer is ringing - telling me it's time to shower for work. Wah. So I'll have to be back later to catch up on the rest)