Sunday, October 23, 2011

Come To The Grey Side.

Today has been one of those rare days when I get things done. Laundry washed, folded, put away. Beds made. Kids fed (vegetables even!).  Dishes washed. Cookies baked. Granola made. Hummus whipped up. Work out completed. Kitty litter scooped. I even managed to shower, put on a bra AND I styled/brushed my newly-shorn hair:


I always go two or three weeks too long between haircuts. This means I must fight the temptation to trim my hair after I look in the mirror and realize I resemble a particularly rough, lady-truck driver. But it also means when I do get my disorganized arse to the hairdresser, I'm extra-extra pleased with the end result. Translation: I love my new hair! Asymmetrical bangs --FTW!

One of the more popular posts on my blog (DISCLAIMER: this doesn't mean much since my blog readership is approximately six people per month) is The Old Grey Mère.  Most traffic arrives via image search, but these search terms have been used to navigate to that post:
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(I wonder how many hits I'd receive if I used the American spelling of gray?)

Since April I am more attuned to media portrayals of women with grey hair.  I still haven't found a 40ish grey-haired style icon (famous or otherwise), but I've noticed that more men (famous or otherwise) are letting their grey grow out. I've recently become a fan of something I call Grey Beard Porn. Examples to follow.

Grey beards are the new pornstache.


  1. Ha! "Old grey mums"! Also, thank you for the porn. I might come back again later just to admire.

  2. Whoa! Is that Ben Affleck? The last guy?

  3. @Ms Bogan -- BEN AFFLECK! I think the grey improves him.

    @Terri B -- That search originated in Ireland. That makes it extra charming!

    @Kimberly -- Uh. I'm confused. Sorry.

  4. I am a sucker for a grey beard. Hubs had one, but cannot wear one for work. I do LOVE vacation and have me my own grey beard porn.
    And I too, wait too long between haircuts, but that makes me much more appreciative of my hair wizard as well.

  5. i used to really dislike beards. but now that my guy has a salt and pepper beard--hubba hubba!

  6. Patrick Stewart can grey beard me any time (I don't know what that means, exactly). I don't really like it on Alexander what's-his-face (Julian). And is there anyone who DOESN'T wait too long between haircuts? The asymmetrical bangs are a definite win.

  7. I always wait too long between cuts too. Since Hubby has a nice salt & pepper beard I am team grey all the way.

  8. I really, really find grey-haired men sexy. I keep trying to stress out my husband so he'll get more grey. So far it's only the temples. It's not even the beard - although that's saucy in a carpet/curtains scenario, but when a guy is grey or salt-and-pepper, whew. The lady will have two tickets to the, um, grey hair show? I was going to say gun show but that didn't make sense. Actually this whole comment probably doesn't make sense. I am too flustered by that picture of Clooney.

  9. First: Love the hair cut! I really like those bangs----I've done super-short bangs and no-bangs, but I really like yours.

    I have been trying to embrace my new gray. . .not sure I am ready to "keep it" but I may just be too lazy nowadays to get rid of it. And, whoa, yes, Ben Affleck is much improved with his gray beard!

  10. I also love grey beards. Sadly my eternally-youthful hubby hasn't a grey hair on his head. My grey is coming right along though, which means that people always assume he is the younger one. WHICH ISN'T BAD FOR MY EGO AT ALL.

    I'll be over here in the corner huddled up with Ben Affleck (because he is someone who just keeps improving with age, IMO) and Patrick Stewart (because YUM).