Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Really Do Adore My Sons.

My house, this afternoon...

Me: Klaxon, Zarf has speed skating practice tonight. Do you want to go to the rink with him and Dad, or stay home with me.

Klaxon: Stay home.

Me: Great. We'll cuddle up on the chesterfield and watch a movie.

Klaxon: YES!

Me: What about Pride & Prejudice?

Klaxon: NO! No. More. Mr Darcy. Let's watch more of Downton Abbey.

Zarf: NO! Promise me you won't watch Downton Abbey while I'm at practice. PROMISE ME!

True to my word, Klaxon (age 7) and I did not watch Downton Abbey this evening.

I also did not torture the poor boy by having him watch Pride and Prejudice -- neither the BBC mini series, nor the more recent theatrical release. Klaxon has no patience for the travails of Lizzie Bennett.  Zarf (age 9) is more interested than his little brother. But both boys are prone to frequently and loudly lamenting that Mr Collins is not a particularly scary villain. Only recently did Zarf realize that both productions are the same narrative, with the same characters, but different actors.  "I thought the second one was a sequel! It's the EXACT SAME STORY!" he exclaimed. For a boy well-versed in the lore of Star Trek, Star Wars and Superman, this was a grave disappointment.

Wait till he finds out there is a new Downton Abbey season coming out.


  1. I am watching the new series of Downton Abbey right now! Honestly I'm not loving it as much as the first but my love still runs deep. I love that your boys love it! I prefer the costume dramas where you are on a right royal rollicking ramp in king Henry Viii's time!!!!

  2. Yep - they're definitely keepers. Maybe get Sense and Sensibility and try to pass that off as a sequel?

  3. Cute! I love when my boys want to watch Jeopardy with me. Family bonding!

  4. I haven't seen Downtown Abbey yet...should hang out with you and the boys!