Friday, October 7, 2011

Love and Hate.

I LOVE: casseroles. I'm sick and it's autumn. It's the perfect time for casseroles.

I LOVE: our new lunch plates.

I really wanted to get a full set of mess trays (like they use in prisons!) to use when the kids eat lunch in the living room. But these are probably more practical.

I LOVE: The Bloggess' post about a public relations professional who called her a "fµcking bitch" in an email.

I HATE: Everyone else's post1 about a public relations professional calling the Bloggess a "fµcking bitch."

(1 Everyone else OTHER THAN Wil Wheaton. Because his response is humourous and measured and not inflammatory and he does have a dog in this fight.)

I really HATE: Twitter-led gang-bangs as a means of revenge or grandstanding, see earlier point for context.

I really, really HATE: When by-standers/witnesses/bandwagon-jumpers think it's appropriate to viciously demand an apology and/or dictate the terms and wording of an apology (see preceding point for context). When did it become anything other than rude or delusional to expect a person or corporate entity to refine their apology because it didn't go far enough to sate people who aren't direct players?

I LOVE: Hegemon. It's a great word meaning "a dominating leader, or force." I'm going to use it as my stage name when I start my reggae career.

I LOVE: the suggestion by Planetnomad on this post, that we take screenshots of our Google results for Egypt. Here's mine:

(Click to see a larger version in a new window.)

I LOVE: homeschooling, in part because I don't have to put love notes in my child's lunch box in order to impress my peers.

I LOVE: the revised forecast for this weekend. It's not going to snow!

I HATE: these Kahlua espresso brownies. They tasted horrible, and I was up till 1 AM vibrating with caffeine.

I LOVE: the 31 strangers who validated my existence by liking the puerile comment I left on this article about Steve Jobs at The Atlantic:

 I LOVE to HATE this page from my son's grade 4 Social Studies text book:

(From L to R: Ozzie & Harriet, The Brady Bunch, and The Jeffersons.)

These pop culture references were dated when I was in Grade 4, and are utterly meaningless to my kids. This text -- which was issued to me by our Distributed Learning school -- is still in British Columbia schools today was only published in 2000.

I LOVE: that Kristin Davis from "Sex and The City" adopted a baby.

I LOVE: that Mr Wrath is brining a turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner

What's on your list?


  1. Sorry that you've been sick. :-( I want to try turkey brine. But am scared. Would your husband guest post???

    Love: the rainy weather we are having that's allowed us a day at HOME, putting order to chaos in my basement with my newly built shelves/wall, dragging out the Halloween decor.

    Hate: absolutely nothing

    Happy Saturday!

  2. @Omaha Mama --
    ...aaaaaaaand Mr Wrath forgot to brine the turkey! When you are done w/ your basement, please come organize mine!

  3. Let's see:

    Love: Heirloom tomatoes. I just had some on a turkey sandwich.

    Hate: That I often forget I HAVE heirloom tomatoes until they have gone bad.

    Love: My house being tidied up.

    Hate: Tidying up my house.

    Love: Casseroles

    Hate: If I want one, I have to MAKE one.

  4. I didn't see the whole Twitter Dark Army thing, but although I agree that responses should be measured and not hysterical, I'm curious how you separate loving that the Bloggess put Jose in his place from her Tweeps who helped that happen. Also, Wil Wheaton rocks.

    Both loving and hating the codeine that is lessening my back agony but making me feel weird and slightly barfy. Loved 50/50 which I saw tonight. Love that my kids were mostly funny and not whiny and annoying on our walk in the Gatineaus today.

  5. @Mary-LUE -- If you clean my house (I hate cleaning, too) I'll pay you in casseroles!

    @Bibliomama --

    It is contradictory for me to praise the Bloggess, but criticize her Dark Army.

    What I love about the Bloggess' response it that it defies gender conventions. She doesn't say, "Jose, you have hurt me and to show you that people like me, I'm going to organize a boycott of your firm until you say sorry and give money to the Fucking Bitch Anti-Defamation League." Instead The Bloggess goes all Dirty Harry! She's pissed off, she's insulted, and she's going to bring this fight right to Jose's front door. BAM!

    But after the first few hours of tweets and blog posts, it got kind of old. Then it got sad. Then it got vicious. Jose is a misogynist asshole, but I wonder if the company is going to fold and all the employees -- and I'm assuming NOT all the staff are misogynist assholes -- will be let go?

    And yes, Wil Wheaton RAWKS.

  6. Wow, I missed some action this weekend! I'll have to go check out those links.

    What's so outdated about June Cleaver?