Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Old House.

Sunday -- while in the midst of our basement renovation -- the ghost of Patrick Swayze burst into our house yelling, "No one puts Baby in a corner. And the same goes for that dryer!"  Then Wham! Bam! Shazam! NO MORE WALLS! Our dryer wasn't in a corner. It was all by itself in the middle of the basement with only the prison toilet to keep it company.  

Sadly Patrick Swayze's ghost did not stay around to help us load and deliver three loads of detritus to the dump:

Good riddance questionable seventies-era decor! ¡Hasta La Vista Styrofoam egg cartoons stuffed in the floor joists, you were someones' lame and tacky attempt at soundproofing! I will not miss you, hollow-core doors that never closed properly! Popcorn ceiling, you are the work of the DEVIL! Our house is now officially devoid of knotty-pine wall panelling!


However once the walls came down we realized we are NOT renovating the basement. We are restoring it. Previous owners took down walls in the exact same locations that we are rebuilding them. This makes me feel a smidge stabby.

Now comes the tough part: rebuilding. It would be going a lot better if I weren't sick and highly medicated. This latter detail might explain the opening paragraph of this post.


  1. did patrick also paint the walls around the prison toilet purple? ;-)

  2. How on earth did that bathroom ever get back there? You did say it resembled a rabbit warren...I guess your vision at least matches whoever built your house!

  3. @Christine -- Erm. That was my doing. I didn't realize how awful it looked until I saw it right next to the Robin's Egg blue. I thought it was cute, it was my homage to Monica and Rachel's bathroom on Friends.

    @Jenifer -- To get to the bathroom (a room that looked like a narrow hallway, and only held a small vanity and toilet) we would go downstairs, through the family room, into the furnace room, into my sewing room and then to the bathroom. That part of the basement has three windows (south and west facing so they're very lovely) and all the plumbing for the house, plus the furnace, water heater, and huge bulkheads hiding the house duct work -- so it's a real mess. As it the new three piece bath will be in the same room as the furnace and water heater.

  4. It sounds like you live in a mansion! To get to my bathroom you walk up the stairs and er yep, you are at the bathroom. We DO have a cellar, however it is FULL of stuff. FULL to bursting. Same as the loft. and the rest of my house! The stairs and the bathroom are clear passages though! I do not live in a mansion! Ps I thought of you as I tidied out my bedding cupboard- my sheets ( fitted AND flat ) are very neatly folded.

  5. @rachelradiostar -- NO! Not a mansion. When I go through all those rooms to get to the WC, I am making twists and turns (and turning on 7 light switches!) & wind up 2 meters from the bottom of the stairs, having travelled about 10m to get there. NOOKS! CRANNIES! FUN!

    Martha Stewart and I are pleased to hear your linens are neatly folded.

  6. You saw Patrick Swayze's ghost? Nyquil?

  7. I LOVE these types of posts!! And am EXCITED that you are sharing!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    (I'll calm down now, but thanks)