Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Up To Date.

It has become apparent over the past ten days that the only reason I have manged for the past five years to blog (here and at other venues) is because Mr Wrath does bedtime duties for Zarf and Klaxon. But with him on night shifts (one more week left -- the mere thought makes me weepy), I've made it a priority to keep on top of laundry and dishes and to get in my daily workout. Something has had to give and it's been blogging.

Homeschooling's going really well, however. Except for today because I had food poisoning. I've finally found a schedule that works for us. The key was to drop grammar. I love the idea of teaching the boys grammar, but the reality of grammar curriculums (I've tried five programs to date) is they feel like like busy seat work.

Well, those might be the two most boring paragraphs I've written in recent memory. Try as I might I just can't think of anything funny. How about you? Got anything funny for me? I could use a laugh.


  1. But you wrote! That is important. Also, I like reading what's going on with you.

    Sorry about your food poisoning.

  2. @Ms Bogan Reads -- It felt HUGE that I had not posted since last Wednesday and I didn't want to go a full Warp Speed cycle with no other posts.

    Re: food poisoning --> It was awful. AWFUL. No good comes of getting out of bed at 5:30 AM.

  3. Funny? Well, my washer belt snapped yesterday! It was not from wear it is the alignment or something and based on the scary noises it has been making for months we kind of knew this was coming.

    Now the challenge...what to buy! High-efficiency front loader or HE top loader...fully loaded - what to do!

    So how is that for fun. Oh, and how to keep the clothes clean in the meantime.

  4. I told you that you shouldn't have salad dressing with skulls and crossbones on it.

    Um, funny? I don't think I have anything funny. I'm helping to organize our school's Halloween Family Dance and I wondered what the reaction would be if I wore one of those "adult" costumes. That would be sort of funny, sort of creepy.

  5. Well, that probably explains why I haven't been blogging regularly! I handle bedtime and the kids have been monsters about it (cute monsters but that's beside the point).

    Sorry about the food poisoning. There is nothing funny about that!