Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warp Speed Wednesdays: Battle of the Young Captains.

I've made no bones about fancying Chris Pine, aka Young Kirk. I've also made it pretty clear that I hated the Star Trek movie Nemesis, which stars Tom Hardy as a cloned copy of Captain Picard.

When I watch the promo for This Means War (which stars both Pine and Hardy) I'm conflicted. My lust for Young Kirk AND my dislike for Young Picard are completely at odds. Which will win out?

Other questions I am now pondering:

1. Do I lust after Chris Pine more or less than I lust after Reese Witherspoon's wardrobe?

2. Are those Tom Hardy's real lips or are they wax lips?

3. Does anyone actually believe that Chelsea Handler is 36? Forty-six, yes. But there's no way she's younger than me.

4. Why would a CIA agent have an English accent?

5. If I was on a date with Chris Pine and he was tranquilized, I would totally take liberties with his person -- does this make me a bad person?


  1. When Star Trek came out I was still using my old blog. There is a whole post on there about my totally inappropriate and intense lust for Chris Pine. So no, I don't think drugging him & taking liberties is wrong. As long as you share.

  2. Reese's clothes are great, classic and sexy and grown-up. You and I have similar taste. And what you do in your free (imaginary) time is fine with me!

  3. I think Tom Hardy's lips are likely real, because he looks a lot like my brother, whom we called Bubba-lips in jr high. I am not proud of it, but we did. Though my brother has more of an angry Arab look to him than Hardy. Probably from being called Bubba-lips so many times.

  4. So are you going to watch when Christ Pine is on and then cover your eyes when other creepy guy is on? Ew ew ew. How could they ever have thought he was appropriate to play the younger version of the oh-so-fine Patrick Stewart? HOW?

  5. I am feeling a strong urge to +1 Veronica Mitchell's comment.

  6. I haven't seen it, but I've seen Star Trek and Inception and I'm 18, but a three way doesn't sound too bad.