Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warp Speed Wednesdays: Halloween 1990.

Things that are embarrassing about this photo:
1. My large pink glasses. They were -- in my defense -- fashionable at the time.
2. My orange hair. There is no defense for this, but I will deflect some blame at the makers of Sun-In and the woman who subsequently sold me a package of Body Shop Brassy Henna hair dye and reassured it would make my hair look better.
3. My glum facial expression. I'm about to leave for my high school dance and I'm trying to be blasé about the fact that I will spend the whole evening manning the Student's Union snack concession or group dancing with my friends AND not -- as I so desperately wish -- dancing with a boy who looks like Wesley Crusher.

Things that do not embarrass me about this photo:
1. The awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation costume that my mother sewed for me.
2. That I still fit into the awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation costume that my mother sewed for me when I was 17 years old.

• • • •
Part Two of this post is HERE.


  1. That is truly epic! Love it!!

  2. But, I really want to see the Dallas Cheerleader costume.

  3. You are super cute! I had glasses from the time I was eleven until I got contacts at fifteen. My glasses were very large and BURGUNDY. For the love of god. Burgundy glasses, not unlike those worn by Sally Jesse Raphael. I hated them so much I would use them only for board work at school and then I would walk around in a myopic haze all day long. Squinting is all that, you know.

  4. I think I had the same glasses in teal! Bah on you for still fitting into your costume! Like I have only myself to blame for NOT fitting into mine!

  5. Allow me to clarify: I can still fit into the costume, but I do NOT look good in the costume. The devil is in the details.

  6. I like Star Trek a little more now :) lol