Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Pays To Marry A Handsome, Handy Man.

My in-laws left today after a week long stay. It was a good visit.  My mother-in-law played countless board games with Zarf and Klaxon and showed more patience and good humour than I can muster.  My father-in-law and Mr Wrath went to town on the basement renovation. We now have walls, a shower stall and a new sink. The walls are largely without drywall, the shower is in a box in the carport and the sink is not yet plumbed, but it's PROGRESS and that's what counts.  In the evenings after many games of crokinole and chess, and multiple trips to the hardware store, my in-laws and I would camp out in the living room and watch Murder, She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher -- her appeal is universal.

Today we drove to the Big Smoke (aka the nearest city) to buy more supplies for the basement renovation. We're getting rid of the carpet in the basement family room. It's an industrial-grade, low-pile, grey-blue berber with a subtle geometric pattern created from sea-foam green, grey and pink threads. It's awful. We bought two taupe-coloured carpet roll-ends and are having them custom cut and bound. We'll just lay them over the concrete floor and the old tile that's currently in that room.

I also snagged some paint chips for when the bathroom and the family room are finished. Much to my surprise, I am drawn to shades of off-white with warm undertones. This is quite a departure from the bright colours I usually favour.  Also it's time to paint over the bright red accent wall in the living room kitchen. Nothing says "I watched a lot of Trading Spaces in 2002 and 2003" like a red accent wall in your living room and kitchen.

It was a long day for us. We spent over four hours in the car. We went to two hardware stores, the carpet store, the recycling center (we drove 200km to recycle leftover tins of paint in the name of environmentally friendliness), the grocery store, and Starbucks. PLUS we went to Walmart to buy Klaxon's birthday present and there was no Harry Potter Lego to be found. He was disappointed, but bore it stoically.  Through it all, Zarf and Klaxon barely complained.

The same can not be said about me.

So what's new with you?


  1. Hee, that sounds like our house (the part about me complaining that is) some days just bug the crap out of me.

    I was a Trading Spaces junkie...I have kind of forgotten about that, but I do remember being so excited when I got the book one Christmas.

    I was just at Toys r u$ yesterday and I think they had tons of HP Lego...they have free shipping now on $100 orders and Ama$on.ca has free shipping on $25...maybe you can order him some. Poor boy!

    I started a bit of shopping already, there is no way I am going near those stores in December if I can help it!

  2. Ha. Trading Spaces. Red accent wall.

    I threw up a lot - that's what's new. I would apologize for oversharing, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to see that last sentence, so we should be good.

  3. Not much is new with me. Um. Nothing, actually. I just found out that my favourite clothing store now offers online shopping and I am trying to forget that information. This may be my downfall.

  4. @Nicole -- what's the store??

    @Bibliomama -- sorry you are sick.

    @Jenifer -- who was your favourite? I loved Frank's designs and I loved his personality. I would rather have Frank decorate my room and put up w/ Hilde than risk letting her loose in my house.

    Oooh. Thanks for the tips. He really wants Hagrid's Hut. I'm just glad it's not MORE Star Wars stuff. We have enough already.