Saturday, November 26, 2011

Story Telling.

I love stories. Be they in book form, or television, or film, or blog posts or...well, you get the picture. I love narratives. But recently I've come up against a stumbling block that impedes my enjoyment of my plays.

I realized it last week when I was watching an episode of Monk. Sharona went undercover as a nurse employed by a criminal Monk is investigating. A few days later, I turned off an episode of Murder, She Wrote -- even though I knew the outcome of the case -- because Jessica was masquerading as someone other than herself. Last night I watched Mrs Winterbourne. I knew the premise of the film, I knew that there was going to be a happy ending, but I was feeling too anxious. I fast forwarded to the last 15 minutes of the movie, confirmed the outcome, than rewinded and watched it at my leisure.

I'm becoming a big suck. When did this happen?  I'm okay watching a cop (ie Beckett on Castle), or operative (ie Sophie on Leverage), but if some amateur (especially a woman) is working clandestinely, or pulling a scam? I'm all twitchy and sweaty.  Am I over identifying with these characters? Why am I nervous? GAH. Am I becoming sensitive? Where will this end? If I can't stand the suspense in a romantic comedy, what's left for me?


  1. I've suffered the same thing to a lesser degree - I say go ahead and confirm the outcome if it makes you feel better - you poor delicate little snowflake. I'm just saying that so I can get to the squealing part "someone else that knows Leverage! Isn't Leverage the freaking awesomest of awesomenesses? Where the heck has Leverage BEEN all my life?" Deep breath.

  2. I'm okay if I know how it will end. I must know the outcome or I cannot endure suspense.

  3. I am ok with not knowing leading up to the end, but always disappointed if it doesn't end the way I think it should. I feel like I have been tricked.

    What on earth does that say about me?!

  4. I am okay at suspense. I have a hard time with the doomed fill-in-the-blank stuff. Somehow I figured out Mel Gibson's character died in Braveheart (and HOW it happened) and I never could watch it.

  5. I do a lot of covering my eyes when I'm watching something that may end badly or if something becomes uncomfortable. And yes, if I am watching something alone I sometimes fast forward to find out that things are okay. I don't even go back, I can't handle the discomfort - even knowing the end.

    And yes, I think we identify with the characters and I think the sensitivity comes from MOTHERHOOD.