Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warp Speed Wednesday: Unconventional.

Last night I dreamed that our small town hosted a Star Trek convention. Hotel accommodations were in short supply, so people in the community billeted attendees. We were assigned four teen boys who dressed as Klingons for the duration of the weekend. The boys went to the first day of the convention and raved about the beauty of our newly renovated bathroom to anyone who would listen. So the convention organizers asked us to also billet Chris Pine and his girlfriend.  Yes, our dream-bathroom was THAT amazing. Alas, Chris Pine was -- at least in my dream -- kind of a dim bulb and his girlfriend was skanky so I was more than happy when they left. Ditto for the Klingon-boys.

And then I woke up.



I've never gone to a Star Trek convention. The closest I've been is Vulcan, Alberta which promotes itself as a the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada.  I'm hoping to change that within the next year, because Mr Wrath (who is a non-Trekkie, but who is tolerant and patient and A VERY GOOD SPORT) wants to take the boys to a convention. I'm giddy at the thought.

Does anyone know if there's going to be a Star Trek convention in Vancouver in 2012? I don't think I'm up to a Las Vegas convention experience.

Do you have any advice for a convention newb? With kids?

Do you think we should dress in costume? If yes, do you think I can get away with this look:


  1. I have no clue about any conventions, but was surprised to hear you have never been. A friend of mine went to Comic Con this year and it was a dream for him. The photos were unbelievable, the people, costumes, size of it all - really something to see.

    Have you found anything yet?

  2. Oh, the bald lady?! Yeah not so much a look I would try unless you love hats...your head would freeze around your parts1

  3. If you're coming to Vulcan I hope you come and visit me.

  4. I have never been either and therefore am no help. But I DO think costumed family Christmas cards would be ridiculously awesome.