Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting Busy in the Kitchen at the House of Wrath.

Is Friday pizza day in your house? Judging from my informal survey of twitter users, pizza is standard fare for most families on Fridays. Mine, included.

Because my children recoil in terror at the sight of a frozen pizza, we usually make our own. Once or twice a year we will order take-out pizzas. When Zarf was three we went to a pizzeria in Jasper, Alberta. He was incredulous at the notion of eating pizza somewhere other than our kitchen. "We are in a pizza store!" Zarf yelled fifty million times in the course of our meal.  Now I find this anecdote amusing, but at the time I cringed as he greeted every new customer with a hearty, "HELLO! This store sells only pizzas. And you get to eat them. IN. THE. STORE." Less amusing was him getting sick later that night. In our tent trailer.

I will make a million pizzas at home for a million years if I never again wake up to someone vomiting on me and my sleeping bag at midnight.

Here's tonight's pizza:

This was suppose to be mushrooms, Italian sausage and spinach. But when I went to blanch the spinach I found this:

Notice the bruising on the leaf? That's because when I spotted it, I squished the leaf to ensure the little fucker was dead.

This is the second time I've found an insect in my spinach. The first time I was lifting a leaf to my mouth when it fell off the fork and landed upside down on the table. That's when I spotted the yellow and black caterpillar. It took me a long time to go back to eating salad.

 I love pizza as much as my sons, especially in bun form:

I make extra dough, roll it flat and layer on meat and cheese. Then I roll the dough back up and slice it. I cook it in my mini loaf pan once we're done making pizzas. We'll have these for lunch tomorrow with a small pot of pizza sauce on the side for dipping:

Sometimes -- like tonight -- I'll make dessert, too. Tonight I made roll-ups using raspberry jam, dark and white chocolate chips.

They were so good. Good enough to make me forget -- at least for a few minutes -- that I very nearly ate an insect tonight.


  1. Now I want pizza for breakfast! #theperilsoftimedifference

  2. Ooooh I bet my "We ate bugs on purpose" post just killed you.

    Your pizza buns look great. Can you post your dough recipe? I need a different pizza dough.

  3. Yes! I also would like your dough recipe. I'll just omit the bugs.

  4. How do you make your dough? Looks yummy. I find that anecdote very amusing. You can get pizzas in a store???

    Meh, bugs. Or, as we vegetarians call them "extra protein".

  5. Ditto...would love some instructions! That looks like a yummy dinner, dessert and lunch.

  6. I once bit into an apple and a pale, ribbed worm wriggled out of the core at me.

    I am only grateful that it wasn't half a worm.

  7. That all looks fantastic. I'm having trouble reconciling 'my kids recoil in horror at frozen pizza' with 'I dislike the dirty hippies at the farmers' market'. You're just a bundle of contradictions wrapped in a buggy spinach leaf, aren'tcha?

  8. @Eryn -- your bugs-as-food post didn't bother me. I wouldn't have the nerve to cook insects myself, but I can -- at least intellectually -- appreciate their value as a source of protein. I'm also tolerant of bugs outdoors, but bugs INSIDE my house? They must die because the have broken the Insect Non-Aggression Pact by entering my domicile.

    @Bibliomama -- I like to keep people guessing.

  9. Not sure how I missed this post...but wow! Your pizza looks more delicious than my pizza night. We've got a drive-thru across the street from Hubs' work that sells medium pizzas for $6. Friday night pizza night, for me, means I don't have to cook! Yours looks way better though, and healthier. May have to be brave and try your dough recipe.