Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hark The Herald Vulcans Sing.

My parents are visiting. Just in time, too. Lest we be forced to suffer through Christmas with the Spock/Butterfly tree topper casting an unfestive, illogical pallor over the day. My mom -- who is super crafty -- fixed him up real good:

Every year my goal for Christmas Eve is to NOT shop. Today I washed the walls of Zarf's bedroom in anticipation of installing his new bookcase. The room really needs to be painted but he refuses because it would mean painting over the ladybugs that my mother -- I mentioned she's crafty, right? -- painted on the walls when we bought this house in 2003.

After the festive joy of wall washing, we went out cross-country skiing with my father. Earlier in the day my dad -- who is not crafty, but very sporty -- did a 30 kilometer ski workout. Hence the 6 kilometers we did with the boys was a piece of cake for him. For Mr Wrath and I? Not so much. So we will be celebrating Christmas by complaining about sore groin muscles. We like to keep things classy in the House of Wrath.

Hope you have a great Christmas. This 100% kid friendly video should help:



  1. I was going to say some lovely things about how crafty and clever your Mom is and how the wings pointing down made all the difference...then I read about your Dad skiing 30+ km in one day and lost my train of thought entirely.

  2. 30 KM! Wow. I've never even been cross country skiing. That is very impressive.

  3. I'm Jewish and I found that offensive and illogical.