Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's Topic: My Doughy Bits.

Several people requested my recipe for pizza dough. I use a variation on a recipe included in Crazy Plates by Greta and Janet Podleski.

I'm a bit nervous posting this. Please, please, please don't get mad at me if you hate the outcome.

22 mL of quick rise instant yeast (approximately 1.5 tablespoons) 
30 mL of honey (about 2 tablespoons) 
2 cups warm water 

30 mL of olive oil (2 tablespoons) 
4 to 5 cups of flour (unbleached all purpose white or multigrain) 

Put the yeast, honey and water in a large bread bowl. Forget about it for 10 minutes until it's good and frothy. 

Pour in a good chug of olive oil. 

Add a cup of flour and stir until combined and smooth. Add another, and stir until all the lumps are out. Add another cup of flour and combine. By this time you'll have a sticky paste. Add another cup, and if it's too thick to stir with a utensil, dump it out on a floured surface and kneed. If the dough is still sticky add more flour. 

Kneed for about ten minutes. 

Return the dough to the bowl, pour in a chug of olive oil so the surface is coated. Invert another bowl over top and put your dough someplace warm for 20 minutes. 

Come back, Kneed. Cover the dough with the inverted bowl and leave. 

Come back in 20 minutes. Kneed. Cover. Leave. 

Come back. Kneed the dough and divide the dough into even amounts. I usually get five balls that are smaller than the head of a new born baby. Keep in mind: my sons had HUGE heads at birth, so this is a very imprecise measurement. 

Roll out your dough as thin as possible, transfer to a cookie tray lined with parchment paper. Fancy it up with toppings of your choice. Bake each pizza for 12 to 15 minutes in a 450ºF over.

A few notes:

I don't add salt to my dough because once you add deli meat and tomato sauce, it's not necessary.

I like crispy crust, which is why I roll it thin and why I add so much olive oil.

If I'm making meat & cheese, raspberry or nutella buns (also shown on that earlier post), I'll throw them together after the pizzas are cooked. Turn the oven down to 350ºF, wait 20 to 30 minutes and pop them in the oven until brown.

Did you notice that I flip back and forth between metric and imperial? My measuring spoons are metric, but my measuring cups have both systems. The original cookbook favoured imperial in the recipes, but metric in the nutritional information. Canadians are flakey, I've decided.


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  2. I will try this!

    (That's not a threat, though it reads like one.)

  3. Hey, that's the same dough recipe I use!

    FTR, their dough recipes also work out just fine if you do them in a breadmaker.

  4. Thanks for this. Pizza dough is the one thing that I still use our very old bread-maker for. I will try this version by hand over the holidays.

    Do you have a pizza stone? We are smitten--smitten I say--with ours. It bakes the best, crispiest crust ever. I cover it in cornmeal before baking the pizza. Divine. Seriously, though. I bought the thing on a whim when it was on sale at Co-op for $12. It was the best $12 I ever spent. In fact, I went back for a second one b/c we're all about big batch cooking w/ lunch-time left-overs.

  5. I am hoping the title of this post is an homage to Schweddy Balls.

  6. I have that cookbook and yet - and YET - I have never tried this. I think I am going to!

  7. Oh hell, math. Damn you flaky Canadians. Damn us weirdo Americans, refusing to measure anything in a manner that makes sense.

    We won't be mad if it doesn't come out. We've all been using dough recipes we weren't in love with anyway, or we wouldn't have bombarded you with recipe requests.

  8. @Sarah -- It does sound like a threat, now that you mention it.

    @hodge -- I love the Looney Spoons and Crazy Plates recipes. I only own about six cookbooks & I use those all the time.

    @Sue -- we just got rid of our pizza stones. I've ruined too many pizzas sliding them onto the stone and having the dough buckle.

    @Maggie -- SCHWEDDY BALLS! YES!

    Ah. Alec Baldwin. He's so funny. Too bad he's an asshole in real life.

    @Nicole -- good luck!

  9. @Eryn -- Liberia, Myanmar and America, leading the way in staunch protection of an outdated and confusing system of measurement. Suck on that PROGRESS.

  10. I have never made pizza at home. I mean, I have baked a frozen one. But that is it. WE have too many take out pizza places near us.

  11. I had my first success with a yeast dough recipe yesterday (cinnamon rolls) so am now feeling like maybe I could make pizza dough. Your pictures have sold me on at least giving it a try!