Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shit Homeschoolers Love...

Homeschoolers love appropriating religious and cultural holidays for lessons. Which is why we made menorahs last week! It's Hanukkah, baby!






I even incorporated some musical appreciation into the lesson, by buying the newest Maccabeats single.

I'm also going to count this lesson as part of our physical education curriculum. We played the song 10 times in a row and danced the whole time.

Now I've got to get on with planning our Hogmanay lesson? I'm thinking we'll spend the day watching Gerard Butler films, eating deep-fried Mars bars, and talking like Shrek. What do you think?


  1. Man! I want to attend your school!

  2. Have them wear kilts for school spirit!! Have them sew kilts for home economics!! Bagpipe lessons for music!!

  3. Your school sounds awesome! B's school also learned about all the holidays. She tried to get me to buy her a menorah at Target so that she could take it to school and show her teacher. It was $25 so she understood that I was NOT buying her a menorah for show and tell.

    I like yours though! So pretty! (Don't tell your boys I said pretty, how about artistic? Colorful? Super cool?)

  4. Wow, I'm half Scottish and I've never even heard of this. Which is just as well. I'm a little wary of deep fried Mars bars.

  5. Your school rocks! Happy New Year in case I forget later.

  6. @Terri -- you probably don't want to. After all, I'm the selfish mom who hid the Dark Stars from her kids because they were eating so many. I'm kinda awful.

    @Marty -- QUILTS! Excellent idea.

    @Omaha Mama -- Aw. It's so sweet that she want a menorah for show-&-tell. I'll tell the boys you liked their menorahs!

    @Nicole -- I'm scared of deep-fried ANYTHING.

    @Jenifer -- Happy New Year to you, too!