Friday, January 20, 2012


PIPA and SOPA have been shelved. I'm surprised. I'm happy, but a bit incredulous. I thought Wednesday's Blackout protests were lacklustre and that the majority of internet users were apathetic. I assumed SOPA and PIPA would pass.

It turns out that I am victim of my own sampling bias. There was hardly any SOPA/PIPA chatter on my twitter feed. Only a handful of the sites I frequent were blackouted or sported an anti-SOPA/PIPA message or graphic. But my social media networks OBVIOUSLY do not represent the web as a whole and my online community is not nearly as diverse as I like to think. There were many high-profile on-line protests, and many Americans contacted their government officials. I'm very grateful.

Yesterday I wondered if getting involved with the protest was ill-conceived. Did I annoy people with my political tweets and my blacked-out blog? Was this protest best left to tech-savvy, (largely) males, born after 1980? Was it delusional to think my voice/opinion/blog mattered? Am I like Hal and Barry in Flashback? I can't work the computerized jukebox and am shattered that "Born To Be Wild" has been replaced with INXS. "Those soulless bastards!" I long to yell. Ugh. I hate feeling sympathy for aging-hippies.

Anyway, good job young people of Reddit, et al! You young whippersnappers saved my blog header! I *heart* you. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN AND TURN DOWN THAT HIPPITY-HOPPY MUSIC!

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For the benefit of the Young Turks who rule the internet, an explanation of this post's title can be found here.

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Does anyone else think that PIPA and SOPA sound like the names of two mascots from some long forgotten Olympic Games hosted by an Asian nation? Or is it just me?


  1. I SAID TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC! *shakes grizzled fist*

  2. I'm not tech-savvy enough to know how to black out my blog - the only code I found looked like it would only work for Wordpress - but I didn't post on Wednesday. Power to the people! I was surprised they backed down so readily - but I saw someone warn that we shouldn't just assume the issue is dead, and I think that's probably wise.

    And yes, they do - South American more than Asian, in my mind. That, and 'Lute Soup' (see Magpie Musing).

  3. Hey, a bunch of us *even* changed our profile picture in protest! After all, nothing says activism like replacing an epic mirror duckface with a STOP SOPA message....

    (Please note: I personally do not currently nor have ever taken, much less posted on facebook, a picture of myself in the ridiculous duckface pose, and do my best to avoiding friending people whom regularly do.)

  4. I noticed. I don't consider my blog 'active' at the moment, so I didn't black it out, but even if it was active I wouldn't have blacked it out because I wouldn't know how. Likewise, I tried to black out my flickr photos but couldn't figure that out.

    But, yes, you were one of the voices that helped highlight that it is a serious issue. I was one of the millions that signed a petition, uncertain if there was any point, but hoping there was.

  5. @Nicole -- "And pull up your pants! No one needs to see your underwear!"

    @Bibliomama -- It appears a lot of people where stymied about how to black out their blogs. All I did was set my blog's background to black, and the text to black. It was a low-tech solution. The "cause" would've been better served if the organizers had broadcast some easy solutions or blog badges for those of us who are not completely fluent in html & java.

    @Marty -- Are you on Twitter? I'm going to track you down! Also you are beautiful enough AND young enough to get away w/ the duck lips -- but I'm glad you don't pose that way.

    @Quadelle -- I signed the petition, too! And I'm glad I didn't annoy you! On Wednesday, anyway.

  6. I was too busy and tired to figure out what I wanted to do. Then the day was over.

    You did not ANNOY me at all.

  7. you didn't annoy me at all! in fact i admired your determination to discuss SOPA, etc. and what it was all about. but i am basically a lazy, lazy person that's why i didn't do much that day. ugh--i sort of suck!