Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Tail Tales.

A few weeks ago we received a notice to renew Falafel's dog license for 2012. This was going to necessitate a trip to the municipal  district's animal control office, aka the Used Pet Store. I persuaded Mr Wrath that Osiris -- the most social cat on the planet -- might benefit from having a feline friend. Of course, in my world persuaded is a synonym for relentlessly badgered until he gave up just so he could have a moment's peace

On Monday, the boys and I renewed the dog license and I asked if there were any kittens up for adoption. There were none, but they had a very gentle, beautiful, flame-point Siamese cat up for adoption.  We named her Ezri:

We brought her home on Tuesday and she finally stopped purring on Friday. She and Osiris are getting along well enough. They didn't meet face to face until Thursday, but he'd been sitting outside the door to the guest room (where she was quarantined) alternately hissing or trilling at her. After a few brief introductions (instigated by Ezri and Osiris who kept streaking through open doorways) Ezri spent most of Saturday as a free range cat. Osiris is either sniffing at her butt or trying to get her to wrestle. They're well on their way to being friendly, provided Ezri NEVER AGAIN COMES CLOSE TO his cat tree. 

Ezri and the dog are getting along well, as they are both of a similar temperament: mellow, keen for a cuddle, and slightly terrified by Osiris' spastic and enthusiastic attempts to play. We're not sure of her age (probably less two years old), but she's the same height as Osiris, though her legs and tail are about 75% the length of his limbs. 

And THAT is why I didn't blog last week. 


  1. I will state here and now that I am jealous. Jealous of your cats. I had cats as a child, I was even the owner of a cat who had kittens. In my 20's, I started having an allergy to my roommate's indoor cat. Sniff. Hubs is also allergic, so no cats for us. But they are such fun!

  2. congratulations on your new family member!

  3. So regal! Lovely addition to the family.