Thursday, January 19, 2012

Warp Speed (Not Really) Wednesday Post: SQUEEEEEEEE! CUMBERBATCH!

It's been over a month since I composed a Warp Speed Wednesday post. I was looking forward to writing one this week, but felt it was more important to participate in yesterday's SOPA/PIPA protest. Instead of waiting yet another week to pontificate on Star Trek, I'm just going to post a day late. Hey. This is a personal blog, I can make up my own rules.

Filming started this week on Star Trek 12, aka the second Star Trek featuring the newer, younger, prettier cast. The internet has been rife with speculation. Most of the chatter centers around the unsubstantiated rumour that the film's villain will be Khan Noonien Singh. This idea caught hold when Benicio Del Toro was linked to the project. He's since dropped out, and Benedict Cumberbatch was hired on.

Before I watched the UK tv show Sherlock, I'd seen Cumberbatch's name and photo in magazines and online and I thought he looked...erm...well, a bit odd, truthfully. Now that I've seen that show I still think he's odd, but he's also brilliant and sexy in a "post (really fabulous) coitus, I'll sit up all night and watch you sleep," emotionally-distant kind of way. So while I'm excited that he's going to be in the movie, I just don't see him carrying off the role of viciously brilliant Khan. I suspect Cumberbatch is really an alien, so I want him to play an Andorian.

Another name linked to the film is Alice Eve, who I had never heard of before last week.  I'm going to predict that her character's role was initially called, "the hot -- but naive -- girl who Kirk sleeps with and who will tragically die in Act 3."

I already hate her.

• • • • •

Have you seen this?

It's so awesome. Five words. One image. Four pop-culture franchises.  Millions of nerds doubled over with laughter.

Long live the internet!


  1. I love Benedict Cumberbatch, though he is not sexy to me in any way. I'll be excited to see him in the new ST. Woo hoo!

  2. And that looks like I typed Saint Woo hoo!

    Rest assured, I did not.

  3. @Mary -- as a lapsed Catholic, I enjoyed your Saint Woo Hoo reference. BTW, Saint Woo Hoo is the patron saint of pelvic exams. And I would not find Benedict half as attractive if not for the accent. I have issues. Obviously.

  4. I...don't get it. I still haven't watched that movie! I am going to, I swear! I SWEAR!!!

  5. 5 pop culture icons if you count him in Xmen too!

  6. @Nicole -- I guarantee that Star Trek -- unlike kale chips -- does not cause painful gas. What do you have to lose?

    @Marty -- YES! Good catch!

  7. I can't comment on your SOPA post, otherwise I'd stick this there. BUT, on behalf of my country, I'd like to preemptively apologize for whatever fucking-with-the-internet we may potentially do. I promise there is a strong movement among my generation against this legislature, and we sometimes almost manage to act like organized adults (see the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity) when we really want to.

    Also, I thought you'd appreciate this:

  8. I had never heard of him until we just watched all of season 1 of Sherlock last night. At episode 3, I said "I think we should slow down on these."

    There are only 3 on Netflix. Too late to slow down!

    He's a competent enough actor, but he does look a little different in some way. It's his eyes & lack of dark eye lashes (or lack of super thick eyeliner like Hollywood puts on guys), I think. At any rate, I commented last night that he'd play a great alien & voila! Alien.

    I hope there's no sexy bits in this one, I'd like to be able to watch it with the kids. Eradicating entire species I'm okay with, sexy bits? Not so much. So keep it in your pants, Alice.

  9. laughing at Saint Woo Hoo.

    i learn so much from the Internet. ;)

    and Patrick Stewart...Cumberwhosit WAS weirdly hot as Sherlock but seriously, Stewart makes him look like a gangly middle-schooler. how can that man be so profoundly compelling when he's 103?

  10. Not getting the sexy with Cumberbatch, whose name also seems dorky to me, but hey, to each her own (we're still solid on Eliot from Leverage, right?). Patrick Stewart - he can set my phasar on stun any time he wants.